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Do you have the travel bug like me?

Half of the fun of having a vacation and travelling, is deciding where to go. Don't you agree?

This is the place to feed your travel bug and find inspiration for your next vacation.

If you are like me, not long after I return home, I am thinking about where to travel next. I love researching destinations and what is the best way to travel there. So join me and we will explore the world together.

When you travel, you like to discover new things, see new places and experience things that you might not normally do. As well as the treasures in your own backyard, there is a big wide world out there to discover.

I think it is important to travel in your own country first because it is not until you see your own country, that you can appreciate how lucky you are compared to some other people in different countries.

This website is for you to discover some places to travel, that you might not have thought about going to. Whether they are traditional tourist spots or somewhere a bit off the beaten track.

I just love travelling. I would get on a plane and fly somewhere everyday if I could. I have the travel bug really bad. I love seeing new places. It is not until you get out and explore the world, that you can appreciate what you have at home.

I went to a remote village in Mexico. They had dirt floors in their homes but they were all smiling and very happy people. To us we would consider them poor but they are very rich in other ways. I have experienced all spectrums of travel from luxury to the village in Mexico and I am always just as excited when I arrive in a new destination.

I just love that feeling when you arrive at a new place. I hope the only time that feeling leaves me is when I take my last breath. May that be a long way off!!

So join me and we will have fun researching our next vacation, somewhere in this big wide world.


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There are so many places and not enough space. If you live somewhere that you think the rest of the world should know about, let me know and I will see what I can do about putting it on the site.

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What are your top 5 travel destinations in the world?

Where have you been that you want to return to or would recommend to other travellers?

Is it somewhere that is on your wish list that you would love to travel to? It can be a city, country or anywhere you feel should be in the top 5.

Was it somewhere quiet and romantic or full of adrenaline pumping action? Share it with us. I'm sure we will get great debate about the top 5 but that is what makes the world so special. There are so many diverse people and opinions. Share your opinion by clicking here.

What about the best hotel in Las Vegas? There are so many too choose from, each with their own unique offerings and thousands of things to keep you entertained! So which hotel casino in Las Vegas, do you think is the best? Click here to share your opinion.

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Have you dreamed for years, of going to a place but when you finally saved enough money and had that dream come true, that it didn't live up to expectations? Sometimes our imagination is better than the reality. Have you been disappointed with somewhere that you finally got to visit? Click here to share your disappointment with us and see if anyone else agrees with you.

Have you got a travel story that you would like to contribute?

Is there something that you would like to warn other travellers about? Have you got an uplifting travel story to tell us?

Is there a new theme park opening soon? A tour of your local area that people might not know about.

Share your good and bad travel story with us here, so that we can all be better informed travellers.

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There are a lot of interesting places in the world to visit. Some are all time favourites, like Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas. I can't wait to go back. Paris in France. Paris is so beautiful. Then there are others that have not been over run by tourists yet, like Serbia. If you would like to see Serbia like no other tourist, go on a tour with the guys from Discover Serbia. They are locals, so you get first hand knowledge.

What about visiting exotic India or even an old time favourite like Bali. Would you like to visit Africa or see the spectacular mountains in Switzerland.

If you have a travel story you think would interest us or information about a particular destination, please fill in the form on the contact me page and let me know about it. With your permission I will add it to the site.

The photos that are on the site, are all photos that I have taken on my travels. I have a lot more still to download. There are a lot of places that I have been but it was before I had a digital camera. Oh well, I will just have to go back to visit them one day and take more photos.

When I have some that are suggested by fellow travellers, I will have their name next to them.

Meanwhile, enjoy browsing around and getting some inspiration for your next travel experience.

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