Top 8 Luxurious Resorts in Bintan

Bintan deserves to be dubbed as a hidden gem in the west of Indonesia. This island is not widely known to travelers, but its beauty is stealing the attention of world tourists. Most of us probably would not have guessed that there are tourist destinations whose luxury can rival the island of Bali in western Indonesia.

Bintan Island, an island neighboring Malaysia and Singapore, is infact worthy of becoming an international tourist destination. This area can compete with luxury resorts in neighboring countries. Here are eight resorts that will make your holiday in Bintan more luxurious.

1. Loola Adventure Resort

A holiday on Bintan Island is not complete if you don't visit Loola Adventure Resort. This resort is one of the most luxurious and top resorts on the island, the world recognizes even the quality with the title they won at the 2015 World Travel Market event in London in November 2015. In that event, Loola Adventure Resort became the overall winner in the 2015 World Responsible Tourism Awards.

This title is certainly not a mediocre title because 12 world tourism figures carry out the assessment. In the process, Loola Adventure Resort beat 37 other finalists from various countries. As quoted from Portrait of Bintan, responsible tourism refers to the interests and survival of nature and the local community in terms of socio-cultural, security, orderly, and economic benefits.

2. Teluk Harta Karun

Teluk Harta Karun is one of the luxury resort areas on Bintan Island located in the Lagoi Bay area. The company that owns this resort seems to be working with Canyon Ranch, a world-class spa resort originating from America.

This resort is located on the beach, automatically exotic scenery will be the primary treatment for guests who stay there. The management knows very well that Bintan Island has excellent prospects and is unlikely to be used as a second Bali, which means it will become one of the tourism centers in Indonesia.

3. Club Med Bintan

Club Med Bintan is also located in the Lagoi Bay area and transformed into a resort that provides comfort and convenience for its guests. This resort is in a strategic location and is easily accessible from various areas. Most guests who come to this resort are from neighboring Singapore.

Tourists from Singapore come using the Catamaran ferry by taking 55 minutes from Singapore's Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Domestic travelers can access this place from Tanjungpinang city by road trip for 1 hour. Next to Club Med Bintan, an exclusive golf course is one of the best in Asia named Ria Bintan Golf Club.

4. Nirwana Garden Resort

For those of you who love Bali Island, you can choose Nirwana Garden Resort as a place to stay and vacation. This resort is located in the Lagoi Bay area and has a solid Balinese feel.

The feel of Bali is immediately felt when a traveler enters the main lobby, the interior decoration does adopt the taste of Bali Island. In this lobby, national dances are often staged, complete with beautiful gamelan beats. After that, the traveler can take a walk around the resort to enjoy the beautiful beaches, taste various games in the outbound arena, and enjoy various delicious dishes at a floating restaurant called Kelong Restaurant.

5. Banyan Tree Resort

Banyan Tree Resort is one of the resorts located in the Tree Resort area with Angsana Resort & Spa Bintan. The official name of this resort is Banyan Tree Resort and Spa Villa, and the company has luxury accommodations in Bintan and China, Korea, Maldives, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries.

In Indonesia, apart from Bintan, Banyan Tree Resort is also present on Bali Island. Besides having accommodations that are certainly comfortable, this resort also has a swimming pool overlooking the sea at Lagoi Bay. The view from the gardens and pool of this resort is simply amazing.

6. Angsana Resort and Spa Bintan

Angsana Resort and Spa Bintan are located in a secluded bay on the northwestern tip of Bintan Island, which is very accessible to tourists from Singapore. No wonder that most of the guests staying at this resort are from Singapore and foreign tourists from other countries. From this resort lies a wide view of the Tanjong Strait, decorated with palm trees on its coast.

Angsana Resort and Spa Bintan is one of the best luxury resorts on Bintan Island and is the main destination for travelers from various regions because of its strategic location. All the luxurious facilities available are ready to pamper guests staying at the resort.

7. Ria Bintan Golf Lodge

Ria Bintan Golf Lodge is a luxury resort with complete facilities that make its guests feel at home for a long time. Facilities such as free Wi-Fi in all rooms, taxi service, Wi-Fi in public areas, car park, and meeting facilities are available.

Ria Bintan Golf Lodge also has a golf course property that guests can use. There is also a spa place for relaxation and many other facilities. This resort is here to meet the needs of versatile accommodation for travelers.

8. Sancaya Resort

Sancaya is also included in the recommendation of a luxury resort in Bintan. To arrive at this place and enjoy all the facilities, you just need to travel for 10 minutes from the BBT Ferry Terminal. Many offers will make you satisfied and comfortable, like lodging and a great vacation destination. All areas are provided with wi-fi, complete with an outdoor swimming pool. The facilities are also complete, no matter how long you are here, you will never be bored.

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