7 Gifts For Those Who Love The Water

7 Gifts For Those Who Love The Water

As the popularity of certain activities, such as wild swimming and paddleboarding, grows, there is a greater number of individuals who are interested in the water of our landscape. For some provinces, this can mean heading to the coast and embracing the oceans, while others are more greatly limited to the lakes and rivers scattered across their environment.

If you know someone who is constantly seeking out new spots on the map or can’t go a week without heading out for a swim, then a gift can be a wonderful opportunity to support their interest in the natural world and connect with something they love.

Eyewear Holder

While some might solely associate these with the elderly, eyewear holders are in vogue among the watersports community. These simple and waterproof bands ensure that both glasses and sunglasses are kept secure when out on the water, as well as helping them to consistently be accessible.

Wetsuit Hanger

Wetsuits require a degree of care to ensure that the neoprene fabric retains its quality, especially when they are tested by water regularly. Despite this, few will have their own wetsuit hanger, which is a special hanger designed to distribute the weight of the garment appropriately and help it to dry quickly, preventing residual dampness, even after a particularly cold swim.

Board Leash

Those who venture onto the water atop a surfboard or paddleboard should have their own safety leash. Some beaches and waterways, especially those that are known to get choppy, will even require it, so that boarders are always assured to be connected with their board. This simple accessory comes in a variety of styles and is generally connected to either a waist or ankle.

Portable Shower

The popularity of portable showers among campers is already established but these accessories are also becoming increasingly sought after by swimmers too, giving them an effect and compact device that allows them to wash off after a swim. They also help to prevent sand from travelling home and can be used to wash pets off, which can be very helpful for those with thick fur.

Snack Pouch

Having a stylish and waterproof pouch that contains snacks is an ideal accessory for many. These colourful pouches easily attach to wetsuits and swimwear, enabling watersports enthusiasts to enjoy a tasty boost when needed.

Changing Mat

You may know changing robes but what about changing mats? A consistent frustration of surfers and swimmers alike is getting changed on sand as it becomes near impossible to prevent sand and dirt from sticking to clothing and skin. A changing mat very quickly resolves this issue and keeps those by the water clean by giving them a dedicated space upon which to change and contain their gear.

Device Holder

Being able to mount your camera, GPS, or mobile phone in a waterproof and secure way to a board is brilliant. Device holders do just this, allowing paddleboarders to navigate and record themselves more easily, without ever having to worry about the safety of their device.