Celebrate a Sweet 16 in San Antonio Texas

A teenager 16th birthday means they finally have a driving license. The coming-of-age achievement makes sixteen a milestone birthday that is generally celebrated with a sweet 16 party. While splashy sweet 16 parties are generally in famous culture, you do not need to be over the top to host a wonderful birthday party your daughter will never forget. You can give your 16-year-old her dream party without bustling your budget.  Get some San Antonio party characters to come out to your special celebration to make the event spectacular. 

Sweet 16 San Antonio

Pick a theme

Parties are more thrilling with a theme! Themes also support you develop a targeted vision for the decoration and activities. 80s prom, Parisian chic, or Gatsby are example of fun and classy themes.

Add personalized details

Ensure your daughter is in the spotlight at her sweet 16 party by adding personalized details all through the party decoration. Make a party logo with her monogram or initials and place it on a party favors, use it as a spotlight on the dance floor, or print it on the party napkins and plates. Make a visual show of her childhood in the type of fun slideshow showed at the event, a table decorated with artifacts and photos, a photo poster all through the event area.

Add fun activities

Ensure your teenaged visitors are entertained with a big range of activities. An expert DJ gets the crowd moving for a dynamic dance floor. A photo-booth with playful props will be a hit with the selfie age, plus the quickly printed images are a remarkable favor for friends to bear in mind the festivities.

Host a customized event for any budget

We do not have to be an MT millionaire to host a super 16 sweet. At Texas Old town, we provide 4 special venues and many customization choices with personalized payment plans tailored to your budget, so you can make a one-of-a-type birthday party for your kid without breaking the bank.

Texas Hill Country wedding and event venue

The natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country and the rural charm of our 4 special venue places make the best wedding or event venue for any budget. This place provides the flexibility to pick your own vendors or opt for an all-inclusive package. Conveniently placed close to the San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, Texas old Town is sure to make your wedding, unique event, or business event something to bear in mind.