Effective Options for the Traveling Tips to Costa Rica

Travel tips are based on an analysis of the current situation carried out by the experts. They are permanently checked and updated if necessary. Please also read the general recommendations for all journeys as well as the focus section, an integral part of these Travel Tips. The Peter Pan Traveler gives you the best suggestion now.

Costa Rica can be defined as stable

Social, economic and political discontent sometimes gives rise to demonstrations, disorders, roadblocks and strikes, these may be accompanied by acts of violence. They can also cause disturbances and delays.

In the event of roadblocks and strikes, travelers only have to inform themselves on the spot about alternative travel options and, if the situation requires it, wait for the situation to calm down. In the case of blockades, the means of assistance of the Swiss embassy in San José for leaving the affected regions are only limited, if not zero.

We cannot exclude the risk of terrorist attacks even in Costa Rica. The terrorism and kidnapping column pays attention to the dangers of terrorism. 

Terrorism and kidnapping 

It is recommended to inquire through the media and the tour operator about the current situation before the trip and during the stay. Avoid events of any kind and follow the instructions of local authorities (curfews, etc.).


The crime rate is on the rise. Violent and armed attacks have increased, sometimes with fatal consequences. There are also attacks on tour buses. Rape and even sexual crimes are reported. Shootings between criminal gangs could pose a risk even for passers-by.

Thieves often act in gangs and specialize in muggings, pickpockets, assaults for armed robbery and car break-in. They are mainly active in tourist destinations, such as: the Caribbean zone from Puerto Limón to Puerto Viejo and around the Tortuguero National Park. 

It is recommended to observe the following precautionary measures:

  • Do not wear valuables (watches, jewelry, etc.) and take only a little money with you
  • The crime rate can vary considerably depending on the locality and city districts. It is advisable to inquire with acquaintances, business partners or the hotel about local conditions, in particular regarding neighborhoods that should be avoided
  • Women are generally advised to be particularly cautious. This also applies when traveling in groups composed exclusively of women
  • pay particular attention to the aspect of security when choosing the accommodation and take into account the fact that too many savings can compromise security
  • refrain or, in case of doubt, refuse invitations from people you have just met

Never leave vehicles unattended and park them if possible in supervised parking lots. React cautiously to offers of help in the event of an accident: several times the "rescuers" turned out to be thieves. If possible use official taxis , recognizable by the red color and the triangular sign on the vehicle roof, in the center of San José and in the remote regions avoid walking at night. It is not resisting aggression, as the predisposition to resort to violence is increasing.