The country of polar extremes - Iceland offers unlimited opportunities to fuel the passion of young blood and lets them explore the intangible adventures on offer. Known as the “Land of ice and fire”, there is more to Iceland than just creeping ice caves and frostbitten winters. The majestic landscape begs to be discovered and the endless scope of youthful activities will be the suffice dose of adventure to cherish for a lifetime. The peculiar topography and varying terrain offer the perfect elements to take on the thrill of life and bestow an action-packed outing.

Be it glacier hiking, exploring the golden circle or gazing at the dazzles of Northern Lights, the country beckons an adrenaline pumped voyager to take on the challenges of the demanding feats. The multitudinous must-see destinations pave way for an exhilarating vacation and grant an insight into the naked soul of the planet.

Iceland was made for adventures. In an attempt to dig deep into the pumped up activities on offer, the following extracts are an abundant enticement to take an imperative transmute from the hassles of daily life. Behold as the captivating catalogue of stimulating activities follows:


They say travel is the best education. But travel without driving is dull. Embark on the journey of a lifetime and take on the thrilling 800 mile road trip with multitude of breath-taking visual treats and soul fuelling exploits on the way.

Some say the journey doesn’t matter, what matters is the destination. Driving on the ring road with the provision of car rental in Reykjavik will make the trip worthy to remember. Just let yourself free on the roads and explore the moments as they unfold. Lurking around every bend, a stunning new landscape reveals itself and increments the thrill from the uncompromised adventure. Driving along the ring road reveals nature in its purest form, bare and unhinged.

The steaming geothermal springs, roaring waterfalls, mind numbing Northern Lights and the towering miles of the sumptuous mountains will be the perfect blend of awe inspiring attributes of an unforgettable road trip.


It’s impossible to overstate the awe inspiring impact of a glacier encounter. There is no better place for it than Iceland. The constantly changing ice surface makes the hike up Sólheimajökull Glacier an exhilarating adventure. The sky talking height of the glacier will make a person feel dwarfed and the first sight will sure leave anyone breathless.

Exploring the towering ice walls, tackling the intricate ice sculptures and confronting the dark crevasses will extract the best of your ability and sure make one feel most alive. A risky challenge delivers the best satisfaction. Gear up for an epic adventure and face the treacherous terrain.


Keys to a powerful snowmobile, a pair of wind shields and the endless flat of a frozen lake make the perfect ingredients to feed your adrenaline demands. Iceland offers snowmobiling opportunities on mile-less white lands. Get the engines roaring and twist the throttle to beat the ice chill and warm up the senses.


Brave the cold and sail the rapids of Hvítá River which is the most popular rafting destination in Iceland. Gear up for an adventure of lifetime and indulge in the most thrilling activity. Feel free and experience the harshness of nature to relive the core of man’s spirit.

Strap your vests and bounce with the turbulence.


As inspiring Iceland is above surface, there is no cease to geographical wonders below it as well. The underwater landscapes of Silfra are a quintessential diving destination. As they say, “There is no certainty, there is only adventure”, deep water exploration in Silfra is the compelling zest of high adventure that the young will find supreme joy in.

Instead of striving for an ideal life, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure. Explore the depths of youthful opportunities in Iceland and feed your curious thoughts with the awaiting prospects to find yourself.