Bali Weather Guide: A Guide To The Finest Times To Go to Bali

The first questions people ask when contemplating Bali for a vacation destination would be, "When is the best time to go?" We get these kinds of questions from those seeking to rent our stunning Bali villas. Evidently, the response you receive will depend on who you ask. Experienced Bali travelers and Bali locals are very likely to react to something like, "Are you kidding? It is Bali. There's not any bad time to go!"

Though Bali includes a year-round temperature of 80 degrees and appreciates bright sunny days most of the time, there are several short periods of weather that is senile. Such as the rainy season, that many tourists might need to avoid.

Bali's Rainy Season


As humidity levels rise and the crowds thin out, Bali's rainy season starts in October and runs at the end of March. Prospective vacationers shouldn't presume, however, that, in this time, it is going to rain daily, all day. Generally, if it rains Bali during the rainy season, it is only a passing thunderstorm in the day or night hours, maybe not a complete vacation washout.

  • October

October is one of the latest weeks in Bali, with typical daily temps hovering around 90 degrees. Sunshine levels decrease somewhat but still average about nine hours every day. October's milder temps will be the ideal explanation for cooling off from the sea along among Bali's beaches.

  • November

Humidity rates continue to grow throughout November, and also the daily daylight hours are decreased from nine to about seven. Daily rain showers are common and expected, but not for the purpose of destroying any programs you might have.

  • December

December is the start of the monsoon year, and as anticipated, there can be whole days of rain. But once the rains arrive in the mornings, the afternoons are typically quite bright, so that it's still a great trade-off. Due to the monsoon period, you are definitely going to see the humidity levels to the upswing. On one note, the sea is warmest in December but still feels relatively fine when cooling.

  • January and February

January is the wettest -- and hottest month in Bali, together with rain totals equating well over 18 inches. Hot and sticky are the most suited words to explain it. February is pretty much a replica of January, weather-wise, so only expect heat, rain, and humidity -- in massive doses.

  • March

March is when the monsoon season brings to a finish, with diminishing rain odds. Temperatures remain equally as hot as January and February, but start to gradually slack off toward the month's close, once the dry season starts and the Bali weather cycle begins over again.

Bali's Dry Season


April to September at Bali is the rainy season, meaning rain amounts are nominal, temperatures are stable, and the sunlight is always ablaze from the skies. It is also the high season, concerning traveling, when many tourists flock to Bali. The high season also suggests that nearly everything is greater this time of year, instead of the expenses in the off-season.

  • April

From April, humidity levels have bottomed out to approximately 65%, making for more relaxed, more pleasurable times. Though the temperatures can grow into the low 90s through April, the decreased humidity helps with just how hot the weather really feels.

  • May

May temperatures in Bali are relatively consistent with Aprils, hovering around the 80-degree mark. Humidity levels stay low, and daylight hours extend to approximately nine, typically. Clear skies predominate in May, as the rainy season gets only a memory now.

  • June, July, and August

Humidity levels are at their lowest points throughout June and July, and the temperatures stay in a comfortable 80 degrees, typically. These days are very long -- and bright -- through those months, which provides ample time for all your outdoor pursuits. The clear skies make the ideal background for amazing tropical sunsets across the sea, and night temperatures are also reasonably enjoyable.

June is the perfect month to get water surfing since the waves are at their peak this season. While August will be the driest month of the year, with a mean reported rain amount of just over an inch at a half, distributed over three days. June, July, and August are the most active travel seasons in Bali, so anticipate audiences. Big ones. This ideal weather today is a big reason why folks return to Bali.

  • September

September is a transitional month in Bali since most tourists out of the summertime are going home since the high season, dry season, and peak seasons come to a finish. Though it's a transitional month, September has rather gentle, comfy days with a great deal of sunlight. However, humidity levels are on the rise.

The Finest Month to Visit Bali?

April to October. When there is not much rain & very low humidity.

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