Searching For a Permanent Partner Visa?

You Need a Reliable Immigration Agent

Making the decision to relocate to another country to start a new life is a memorable experience.  An individual would hope it would be a joyful time for everyone, but that's not always the situation.  In many cases, the application process doesn't go easily, and this is generally a result of ignorance.  When searching for a 309 or a 100 visa, Australia bound partners can easily make a good deal of mistakes.  It is a frequent fallacy that all the information to successfully migrate is online.  In fact, it's extremely easy to generate a mistake that may delay an application or make it to fail entirely.  Because of this, it's vitally important to hire a reliable immigration agent to assist.

Negotiating the Maze:

The majority of us aren't very good at managing complex bureaucratic systems.  Applying for a temporary or permanent partner visa Victoria without some type of expert guidance isn't for the faint of heart.  The paperwork itself is tough enough, but it must be supported by relevant documentation, and it has to be made accessible within specified periods.  It can be hard to determine which kind of visa you truly need and should be searching for. An immigration agent should be hired by you before any of this process starts. This will make certain you don't waste effort and time in areas that will not be prosperous.

Selecting a Quality Service:

Hopefully, you now understand an immigration agent is a fantastic person to have in your corner.  That being said, there are two or three things that you need to take into consideration prior to hiring an immigration attorney.  Firstly, you must ensure your chosen immigration agent is registered to operate in Australia.  There are unscrupulous bogus agents around that fee for services that they don't deliver, so be wary and check your preferred immigration representative’s credentials.  Second, always choose an agent that has plenty of expertise in your type of immigration.  Some brokers may specialise in certain kinds of immigration and others are well versed in all aspects.  Finally, ask plenty of questions to determine what your immigration agent can do for you.  Some brokers go the extra mile, with invaluable additional advice, such as:

  • Driving laws
  • Tax advice
  • Employment assistance
  • Relocation advice

If they are looking to apply for an 801 visa, Australia bound applicants for immigration needs to contact us.  Here at 888 Migration we are specialists in all aspects of immigration into Australia.  Our enrolled immigration representatives are well versed in managing all kinds of visa applications.  Get in touch with us we look forward to discussing your needs in more detail and answering any other questions you might have.