Raya Island Tour: How to Make It More Enjoyable

Raya Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tropical Islands of Phuket. Situated just 25 kilometres away from south of Phuket, the Island lying in the Andaman Sea merely takes 30 minutes from Phuket by speedboat.

Raya Island: What Is Special?

This fabulous Island offers the perfect white sandy beaches, warm crystal clear waters, and is really fantastic for snorkelling with a plenty of sea life with numerous tropical fishes; the island is truly a tropical paradise. Apart from that, the Raya island tour will let you enjoy the beautiful scenery, natural marine life, sparkling waters of the Andaman Sea, and of course tropical climate. As a result of this, Day Trip travel and tours is must here to have more fun.

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How To Make Raya Island Tour More Enjoyable

  • Raya Island Tour by Speedboat: Just short cruise - 30 minutes by Day Trip speedboat tour - from Phuket, Raya Island offers a remote and peaceful gateway like no other. Water is warm, the island provides fairly quiet and rustic atmosphere. Raya offers the place a relaxed feel, spending your lazy days by swimming or snorkelling Day tour on emerald water.
  • Raya Island Tour by Private Speed Boat Charter: If you really want to discover the beautiful Andaman Sea, rent private Speedboat Charter which offers the opportunity to enjoy the tropical island and that too by avoiding large group travel. Here you will be taken to the paradise which is ideal for snorkeling and swimming activities and that too with a warm and friendly service (provided by a local guide) under the guidance of professional and trained staffs.
  • Raya and Coral Islands by Speedboat Day Trip: This tour is the combination of Coral and Raya islands. This is a specially designed tour just to make visitors happy.