Coastal Morocco Tours

Morocco Isn’t just camels and deserts, it’s also home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Locals appreciate the fact that Morocco’s Atlantic is a coastal gem with landscapes that’ll be embroidered in your memory.

The coastal effect in cities can be seen, and then, seeing spirals into feeling. You’ll love their charming souks and tiny fishing villages that surround the coast.

It would be nobody’s first thought when they hear about ‘visiting the coastal villages’. Unless on one of the many Morocco tours, Moroccans do not get a chance to visit Morocco’s coast. Tourists have an advantage over Moroccans, and we like this fact - it drives them to explore their gorgeous country.

So this goes out to Moroccans and foreigners alike.

Most of these gems remain undiscovered by many. And we’ve compiled a small list of the top 3 hidden coastal towns to visit. You’ll discover ocean destinations and witness captivating sunsets.

Surfers adore these coastal towns as it provides them with opportune waves. If you’re not big on surfing, you may also indulge in some activities such as; horseback riding, a fishing excursion, and birdwatching in the lagoon.

Morocco desert tours

if you  never dreamed of sleeping in the Sahara camp under the stars and between sand dunes. The morocco desert excursions has always make me happy and would often imagine myself riding camels between the sand dunes of  Deser t of Morocco. I would imagine nights spent under the stars in the Sahara while drinking Morocco beer (tea) next to a campfire and listnning music with a small team nomads.

My experience with Desert tours from Marrakech to Merzouga in the southern region of Morocco was the perfect place for me to live all of these fantasies. Merzouga is a small Moroccan town in the Center of the Sahara Desert, i advice evry one to go there and dicover this great place.