Sailing yachts in Greece: is it worth it?

Walking on sailing yachts is now a popular form of recreation among tourists, especially in Greece, the birthplace of the first navigators and the country of three thousand islands. In particular, walks over short distances to the islands close to Athens.

Get ready for a sail

Sailing during private Greece tours is an incomparable pleasure. Of course, one must have a share of adventurism and a little courage. And also good company, because the sea is a test of character. A bit unusual; there is no standard hotel schedule. Although, the comfort of a well-equipped large sailing yacht is comparable to the comfort of a five-star hotel. A little less space, but the whole expanse of the sea is yours! All the fantastic coasts and bays, all the sunsets and sunrises, fish, fishermen, dolphins… You will forget what life on land is like. 

And if you want to lie on the beach or sit in a tavern, you can always do this by choosing a prettier place and using yacht charter Halkidiki services. A lot of small adventures and unforgettable impressions are waiting for you along the way.

Why choose Greece?

Holidays in Greece are not for those who dream of spending their entire vacation on the beach or chasing good shots of local attractions all day long. Although it is safe to say that the aspirations of even the most inveterate beachgoers will be fully satisfied, and lovers of historical values ​​will be able to share their impressions with friends and relatives on long autumn evenings. You need to go to Greece for a feeling of absolute happiness and fullness of life. And the gentle and warm sea, unobtrusive midday heat, the splendor of Greek landscapes, fascinating ancient sights, gourmet food, and first-class wine can help you with this.