10 reasons why you should book your trip to Manchester today!

Manchester is an absolutely stunning city and is possibly one of the most vibrant cities in the country and is full of life, creativity, stunning works of art and architecture and the home of the legendary Manchester United football club. Much like its rich conglomeration of cultures and traditions, Manchester is a real melting pot of experiences with something to offer every visitor who takes a trip down its lanes.

The cool neighbourhood

While most people have heard of the Northern Quarter which is one of the hubs of the city that boasts of a beautiful mix of independent shops, bars and colourful street art, right next to it you can find the Ancoats neighbourhood, filled with some of the best places to eat and drink. Take a ride by the tram and explore the bohemian suburbs of Chorlton, the foodie favourite of Altrincham and the bustling West Didsbury.

Break it down on the dance floor

Mancunians know how to bring it on the dance floor and the night scene is off the charts in Manchester. The city comes to life at night, and a trip to the city centre is all you need for an incredible weekend.

The food haven

Manchester, with its melting pot of cultures, offers an inexhaustible array of dishes that can cater to different palettes. Whether you like Chinese, Italian, Indian or British, the endless options in Manchester’s restaurant scene is lovely. You can also visit Altrincham market to experience one of the best food markets in the country.

The beauty of Manchester

If you are looking for a change of scenery from the city streets, Manchester has no dearth of unique places that are ideal for a getaway to the heart of the country and can help you explore the towering mountains, the vibrant forests, the serene coastline and the expansive moors. Some of the places you can explore by a short drive include North Wales, the Peak District, Lake District, Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales and are incredible to take walks and explore the countryside.

Hospitality galore

One of the best things you will discover about Manchester is its people. They live up to their reputation for being a very warm and welcoming community that is always helpful in helping you find directions and help you find the best of local places and have a friendly conversation with you.

Pay homage to your favourite football team

If you are a fan of the Manchester United club, or even if you don’t support them, they remain one of the most famous football teams in the world. If you take an interest in football, you can visit the Old Trafford stadium as well as the newly relocated National Football Museum at the city centre.

A treat for your eyes

Not only is Manchester the home to some of the most inspiring independent galleries, pop-up exhibitions and open studio tours, but it also has the award-winning Whitworth gallery. The gallery is located in a beautiful setting, a park in the Oxford Road corridors and hosts some of the most iconic and legendary artists like Cornelia Parker and Andy Warhol.

A treat for your ears

If you are an ardent music lover, you are sure to love a trip down memory lane and visit the iconic club, Salford Lad’s Club or take a stroll past the Hacienda. If you are fonder of current music scenes, you can delight in some of the most beautiful musical venues that range all the way from substantial musical arenas to some of the most impressive music halls like the Albert Hall and The Deaf Institute.

Christmas is merrier in Manchester

There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than Manchester’s very own Christmas markets to get you in the holiday spirit. The markets bring together a melting pot of people from different areas of the world, and it is an experience in itself to be surrounded by people in a joyful spirit. Grab a seat at a little corner of the market, sip on some lovely wine, munch on the local delicacies and rediscover the joy of Christmas all over again.

For the shopper’s delight

If you love shopping and want to find something cool to remember Manchester by, there is no shortage of places to hit up. From the best designer and department stores to a range of high street fashion stores or even small independent boutiques, it has something for everyone. If you have already explored city centre, try Trafford Centre for an excellent list of independent boutiques.

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