5 Luxury holiday tips for families

Luxury is not only about the rarefied items that are out of reach to most people. It can be found in the smallest things, like quality vacations and family time spent together. If you're looking for a truly luxurious experience this summer, we have some tips for you!


Luxury is a nebulous concept, but it boils down to an experience that's more about quality than quantity. It's about being pampered and indulged in a way that makes you feel like royalty--not just staying in a fancy hotel or eating at expensive restaurants.

Luxury holidays are about doing things differently: choosing an off-the-beaten path destination; spending time with locals rather than fellow tourists; taking part in activities that are unusual for most travelers (think horseback riding through mountains instead of sightseeing from the window of your tour bus).

Villa rental

Villa rental is a great way to have a luxury holiday and it's also a great way to have a family holiday. It's also a great way to have a holiday with friends, or even just you if that's what you want!

Holiday rental

A holiday rental can be more cost effective than staying in a hotel, and gives you more flexibility to make the most of your time at the property. You can relax, unwind and make friends with other guests at your holiday home. You can also cook your own meals if that's something that suits you better than eating out every night (and it usually does).

You may also find yourself spending less money on food during your stay because there isn't always much choice on offer when eating out with children!

Our top tips to make your next family holiday a truly luxurious experience.

A villa with a private pool is the best way to ensure that your luxurious holiday experience isn't ruined by other guests. You can use the pool whenever you want, without having to worry about sharing it with other people or fighting over who gets in first. If you're renting a villa with one of these things already built-in (and not just on their own), then consider adding another one of these luxury features:

Private chef - Having someone cook for your family can be extremely helpful if there are kids involved in your stay; they may not be able to make themselves something healthy when everyone else wants pizza! Plus, it saves money because restaurants tend to charge more than what restaurants cost back home where there aren't any kids around demanding things like spaghetti carbonara at midnight after watching Toy Story 3 for the fourth time straight through without stopping even once during all three hours and forty minutes of viewing time...and then asking for ice cream after finishing up their meals which were actually quite tasty despite being served cold instead of hot due to some kind of problem with our air conditioning unit.

We booked our luxury holiday trip with Smartvillas when visiting Mauritius.


We hope that this article has given you some inspiration for your next family holiday. Whether it's a villa rental or luxury hotel, we can help you find the perfect place to stay with all the amenities needed for a luxurious experience. If you have any questions about our services please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we'd love to hear from you!