Ahhh... Holiday seasons, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. A perfect time to get away from work and take that long vacation you’ve been dreaming of since forever. I know what you’re probably thinking of, your mind is in the Bahamas right now, and you’re likely daydreaming of taking a dip in their white sand beaches, or maybe you’re drooling now over the street foods of Bangkok, and your imagination is making you really excited. But oops, wait a minute; before you get too high with all the pictures and images of your travel on your mind, you should know how hectic and stressful the airport is over the holidays. Do not worry too much though; we feel you and we are here to give you a few tips on how to survive your experience in a busy airport during the holidays. Here are 10 tips for surviving a busy airport over the holidays:

    1. Check your flight first before going to the airport. A good way to check if there are any changes in your flight is by checking it online like in flightstatus24. It's real-time and free and is easy to use. You can check the website to check if your flight is delayed or even canceled.
    2. Opt to book your flight in a secondary airport in your area. There is probably another airport where you can fly from if you live in or near a metropolitan area. Avoid booking your flight that departs from the busiest airport, they may not be as convenient and near like the primary hub to get to, but they will be less crowded and busy. It also sometimes much cheaper to book flights from smaller airports.
    3. Consider checking-in in a hotel near the airport. A day before your flight, consider checking-in in a hotel near the airport you will be flying in. It will be easier for you to travel going to the airport which will lessen the possibility of you missing your flight. Booking a hotel near the airport can also add experience and moments for your holiday travel.
    4. Check your airline and your airport on social media, always be updated. Read the news or check the websites and social media of your airline and airport. Keep yourself posted for any news that may affect your flight and your travel. Being in the know always gives you more edge of being one step ahead of the game.
    5. Get to the Airport Early. This will never go out of the season actually. Getting to the airport early will give you the advantage of being first in the line. Beat everyone in check-in and give yourself more time to rest and do everything you haven’t done in your house before boarding.


  • Patience, patience, patience. It is a holiday, people; expect jam-packed airport, long lines in check-in and security counter, anticipate that the airport is noisy and everything will seem to be in chaos. Many things will, in reality, test your patience. Be calm and be positive, we know you want to reach your destination quickly, but keep in mind that everyone else does. Keep your eyes on the price and be patient. 


  1. Don’t forget your snacks. You’ll never know if your flight might get delayed or canceled, pack snacks that can get you through your hunger just in case. Bringing your own snacks will also save you money as the price of foods and snacks in the airport can get a little too expensive. Snacks can help prevent the emotional meltdown of your kids as well.
  2. Entertainment is your best weapon against boredom. Holiday means long lines and more waiting time at the airport; consider bringing some entertainment with you to pass time more quickly. Toys and gadgets will also be useful if you're traveling with kids, as they can get too bored if they are not doing anything. Spare yourself from too much stress and pack their favorite entertainment with you. Some airport also has play areas for kids, inquire inside your airport and let the kids burn off some of their energy before your flight.
  3. Check-in online. Checking-in online has been a necessity for many travelers nowadays; not only does it save you a lot of time in the airport, but it also gives you the chance to choose your seating assignments as early as possible. Instead of doing the check-in the airport, you can check-in in advance, 24 hours before your flight. You can do the online check-in from the comfort of your house, office or hotel room.
  4. Pack extra patience. Woooh... You’re probably already done with all the long lines in the airport and just waiting now to board your plane. Congratulations you’re almost there to enjoy your holiday vacation! But oh no! Your flight got delayed for about 3 to 4 hours, the plane got stuck in another airport or there’s been some problem with your air carrier itself, you’re really upset and already wanted to burst in anger. Just chill and relax, be patient and nice especially to the airport crew and personnel. Understand that they have nothing to do with the problem and know that they are probably suffering from the delay as well. The last thing you want to happen is not being able to board your plane because you harassed airport personnel. Pack more patience and think that you’ll get to your destination eventually.