Side Manavgat Boat Trip 1

Grab the opportunity to visit and explore the city of Manavgat during your holidays in Side, by joining an exciting, yet relaxing boat trip. This amazing full day excursion promises to take you to some spot of impeccable natural beauty, to introduce you to a typical Anatolian city and to offer you some moments of relaxation and pleasure away from the crowds. With an interesting schedule and with a comfortable and spacious boat, the Side Manavgat Boat Trip is definitely an option for all.

This boat trip includes a two-way transportation service from and to your hotel in Side. Pick up is scheduled during the morning, when a comfortable vehicle will pick you up and drive you towards the port from which the boat departs. In what regards the boat, it is a 3-deck pirate boat ready to excite you and comfort you. More precisely, the boat is spacious enough to accommodate your needs for relaxation as it also features sunbeds for those who wish to enjoy the sun.

As the boat starts to sail, a thrilling and extraordinary boat trip begins. The boat will sail towards the ancient temple of Apollo that was constructed during the 2 century B.C. Moreover, during the boat trip, participants will be also able to observe the ruins of Side’s ancient port. Both of the spots have rich history so take the opportunity to snap some photos of these locations.

A swimming break follows at the Delta of Manavgat River. This location is one of the most beautiful of the area as the river meets the Mediterranean Sea. The most exciting part is that you will have the opportunity to swim in both, cold and warm water. The scenery is of unique natural beauty with a sandy beach which is ideal for relaxation. An interesting highlight is that, there are river turtles and often big sea turtles there.

Once the swimming break is over, a tasty lunch will be served aboard. This is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the serenity of the sea before heading towards the next stop of this boat trip. According to the schedule of the excursion, the city of Manavgat is the next stop. Those who wish to proceed with sightseeing, a guided tour in the infamous Waterfalls of the area will take place. This spot is characterize as a natural wonder and forms one of the most famous attractions in Anatolia. The water falls from a 4-meter height and ends up in a small lake that has an amazing emerald colour. The scenery is completed with a lot of trees that surround the waterfall in a truly unique way. Entrance to the Waterfall comes at an extra cost.

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For those who wish to explore the city instead of participating in the guided tour, a free time will be offered. Manavgat forms a typical example of an Anatolian town with a variety of shops, restaurants and charming neighbourhoods to explore. In addition, there is a local bazaar where people sell their products. At the bazaar you will find a variety of interesting things to buy such as handcrafted products, clothes or locally produced fruits and vegetables. Once the free time is over, you will return back to the boat in order to enjoy the boat trip back to Side. Upon arrival at the port, a comfortable vehicle will be waiting for you in order to transfer you back to your hotel. Return to the hotel is scheduled during the afternoon and by that time you will be full of great memories and positive feelings from your participation in this excursion.