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Hang Out with Friends at These 5 Angkringan in Yogyakarta

Angkringan is atypical hang out places that you can find in almost every corner of Yogyakarta city. While you are in the city, bring your friends to hang out at these 5 angkringan in Yogyakarta.


Bearing an angkringan's name, the area is actually more of a typical little restaurant, without a food cart like those you would find in an angkringan. It's the menu that is much like an angkringan's, such as name kucing, various fried snacks, satays, brewed ginger drink, etc. Many college students hang out here, while local residents frequently"search" for dishes for dinner.


Apart from being situated near the campus of UGM and UNY, Angkringan Klebengan can also be crowded by clients thanks to its big place. Pandan mats are provided for people who wish to sit back and unwind while conversing, discussing topics, or merely throwing jokes at each other. The distinctive characteristic is that every dishes and snack are consistently added with ketchup when re-warmed.


Though situated somewhat far from the center of town, precisely at km 15 of Magelang St, the angkringan always succeeds to attract a lot of clients. So Angkringan Pak Satari that is full of clients is the fact that it seems more like a little restaurant with a varied menu and super low prices.


Angkringan Sendang is one of the hit places in Yogyakarta. The angkringan has two branches; the first one is in front of Sendang Ayu Restaurang at Solo St., and the other one is near STTN at Babarsari St. It offers various menus, from gorengan (deep fried snacks) to Batman (any foods cooked candies with plenty amount sugar or ketchup). The unique feature is that each rice package is indicated with "Sendang" decoration.

Occupying the pendopo (an outside structure functioning as a porch in Javanese architecture) of the house of a royal-blood Javanese, the angkringan features Wi-Fi and is very acceptable for families. Still, besides, it supplies an assortment of rare Javanese traditional cuisines, such as Clorox, Kipo, Semar Mendem, Lupis, and Jadah Manten. Angkringan Pendopo nDalem opens from 6 pm to 11:30 pm.