Taking a RV Camping Trip during the winter

The days are short, and the temperatures are low, but this does not mean that you can not enjoy wintertime RV camping. Campgrounds are still open but are mostly empty. The air is quiet and crisp, and the landscape is beautiful. If travelling into the mountains they are beautiful in the winter.

Winter trips

You can have a safe as well as relaxing winter trip by following just a few tips to help to prepare your RV so you can enjoy a off season adventure.


Before getting started, the vital thing to do is to make sure your entire RV will be up to the winter camping rigors. Most current RV’s are designed, built as well as insulated to take the cold weather with no problem. Even if you do not have the latest in technology for RVs you still can make your motor home cozy, and you need the best RV cover for winter

Emergency items

When winter camping in your RV; the best planning includes being prepared for the worst. Always have the following with you:

  • Chains for tires
  • Lots of extra blankets
  • Extra warm clothing
  • Weather radio
  • Sleeping bags for zero degree
  • Camping stove that does not require propane
  • 5 gallons of drinking water heated in storage
  • Gasoline-powered generator
  • Blow dryer for defrosting pipes and tanks
  • Extra propane tanks
  • Emergency GPS system
  • Extra food
  • Solar charging panels for re-charging house batteries
  • Cash for unexpected fees or emergencies.

Check weather

In many areas of the United States, storms can develop in winter suddenly and are often daunting. Be safe by checking the National Weather Service to see what the forecast is for those areas that you will be in.


RV camping can be challenging when the temperatures drop below the freezing level. Having frozen plumbing can really be frustrating but also easily avoided with a few simple measures for preventive to keep everything working properly. Any RV camping winter tips will help you in beating the elements on your short-term winter camping trip.

RVing in winte

When RV camping in the winter, it is advised you stay at an RV Park or campground that has electricity. This power offers a lot of options for appliances that keep travellers comfortable and your RV’s plumbing components functioning properly.