This Guided Tour for Family and Kids is the Best in the World!

Is it that time of the year when you pack everything and go for a holiday with kids? Whether it is a short getaway or long holiday, you want to get something that will be enjoyable, interesting, and educational, especially for the kids. You can get a sigh of relieve because Customized International Guided Tours honolulu hi for family and kids will get you more than you want.

A Classical concert at Château de Santeny

There is something mesmerizing and unique about classical music when it plays in the background of a movie or radio. Now, this guided Paris tour is taking that thrill a notch higher by guiding you to a live concert in prestigious salons of Château de Santeny. Here, your entire family will be entertained with top romantic pieces by artists of all times such as Rossini, Massenet, Saint-Saëns, and Debussy. It will be a moment to remember as the songs are performed by a trio of harp, flute, and violin. Patrick Chemla will play the violin, Thierry Nerantert the flute, and Julien Marcou the harp. 

Before the concert, the Paris Tour guide will take you for a free tour of the castle. 

Eiffel Tower Movie tour

Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular monuments in the world with more than 10 million visitors every year. The tower is a treasure and you can discover it through films during the Paris Tour. This will be a two-hour session of exploring cinema around Eiffel Tower. 

Some of the top movies that have been shot in the tower include Inception and Mission Impossible. Other top movies related to the Eiffel Tower include The Last Metro by François Truffaut and Peur sur la ville with Jean-Paul Belmondo. This will be a great time to learn about the scenes where these movies were shot. 

Also, you will learn about the beginning of cinema invented by Lumiere Brothers and its close link to World Exhibitions and Eiffel Tower

A Guided Tour inside the Paris-Orly Airport 

Have you ever thought about what happens inside an airport before a plane is allowed to fly? You will be fascinated. It will be truly enjoyable visiting the busy Paris-Orly International Airport. Here, you will get firsthand experience of the runaway-side view of all ground operations in the busy airport. 

Your kids will love to hear the history of the airport, get a close view of the planes on the parking stands, and see the preparations that go into preparing planes before takeoff (baggage loading, docking guidance, catering, and refueling).

With this guided tour for family and kids, you can never go wrong. Make sure to book now to secure your place.