Are you planning to visit Liwa Oasis? Whether you have travelled to Liwa on previous occasions or are travelling for the first time, Liwa has something to offer to everyone. Liwa Oasis refers to a group of oasis or villages in UAE. Liwa is populated by a cluster of Bedouin Village all over the oasis towards the Northern edge of Rub Al Khali. You may either visit Liwa during the weekends or plan a long holiday.

Here is a list of top Liwa tourist attractions that one must not miss out on.


The Rub Al Khali or the Empty Quarter is the world's longest successive sweep of sand dunes stretching across Saudi Arabia all the way to Yemen, with its northern tip edging into the United Arab Emirates, brushing against Liwa oasis. Even though you can get nearby views of the sand dune fields from the oasis, you won't be able to truly admire the severity of this amazing landscape unless you go out among the dunes yourself.


Located on the road to Hameem, this museum harbours a splendid collection of cars from various countries. Around 200 vehicles stretching from vintage to modern are showcased at this museum. A chance to witness the history and evolution of cars in this museum makes a must visit Liwa tourist attraction for the automobile fanatics. Everything from its origin to what it is today is beautifully illustrated in this desert car museum.


The tribes, who lived in Liwa, where water was scarce, had to protect their wells from enemies and other conflicting tribes. They would so by building forts from mud bricks and straws, making them look like sand castles. At present it is no more this dangerous and the government of Abu Dhabi has launched a plan to develop and restore these forts, some of them being around 200-300 years old, allowing visitors a chance to get a peek into the old and conventional architecture.


The infamous Moreb Dunes are spoken of in many works of literature as one of the highest dunes in the Liwa, with a height of around 220 meters from sea level. The dune is located south-west of Mezairaa, the main town in Liwa, at a distance of approximately 30kms. The best time to visit the dunes would be prior to the sunset where you will have ample chance to stop along the meandering roads and capture beautiful pictures of the exquisite landscape, making it one of the top Liwa tourist attractions.


The date palm has played an integral part in the life of the residents of the Liwa oasis and has provided them with vital components helping them to survive through the blazing heat. The trees have given them access to shade, sustenance, building material for their houses and boats, and many other products used in their daily life. Many of the ancestors in Liwa have greatly devoted to preserving this important tree and have encouraged others to continue doing so in all parts of the country. This festival brings forth a great opportunity for visitors to have a glance and taste of this cherished fruit. This festival mostly takes place in July and stretches for a week.


The vast flat area at the base of the Moreb Dune is infamous for being the staging point for the UAE desert challenge and more prominent for the annual 4x4 event that organizes the competition for dominant 4x4 and bikes. Its other activities are horse, camel, falcon racing, remote car racing, shooting competitions and a classic car show. The festival commences around January 1st and lasts for 6 days.  For those who would be visiting around that time, the sports festival is such a Liwa tourist attraction that would be too hard to miss out on.


The desert safari is a complete tour package which incorporates sightseeing, transport to the desert, camp bonfires and a lot more. There are two options to choose from between a short day tour and an overnight tour of spending the night in the desert, accommodating in a beautiful tent which in itself is an eccentric affair. This is one such Liwa tourist attraction that the visitors will be looking back at long after their visit to Liwa.

A 150acr of farms and villages, the Liwa oasis embraces the boundless landscape of wobbly sand dunes. Only after your visit, you will understand why the Liwa oasis has a notable place in the hearts of its residents who time and again come here to get back to their roots relaxing and indulging in the dry grandeur of its sublime landscape.