7 Reasons Why You Need To go on Tours of Tuscany

If you are planning to go Italy this summer for a vacation, then you will be delighted to see fabulous art, architecture, and fascinating small towns. In Tuscany, you will find coastline with a variety of countryside with finest wine and food. You will remember this vacation always because people in Tuscany are civilized and friendly.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to go Italy for a holiday. Pay a visit to www.toursoftuscany.com for Tours of Tuscany.

The beaches

You will see well-maintained pristine beaches that you never had contemplated before to see. You will find traditional resorts and classy hotels. Beaches in Italy are quite and perfect for a romantic as well as family holiday.


You can hang out with your family and friends in clubbing hotspots. There are several resorts, which are organizing and giving a party atmosphere. This is something that you cannot resist. Opera is everywhere; this will be a nice experience for your kids to see.


You may have heard about Italian cuisine, but this is the time to taste traditional mouthwatering delicaciesof this country. In the northern part, there are hearty games and other rustic specialties whereas in the southern part of the country, you will find vegetable and seafood dishes in plenty.


Is it possible not to discuss about wine you are in Italy. Italy cultivates different varieties of grapes and this is the reason this region produces one of the finest wines of the world. You can taste Tuscany is popular Chianti or Piedmont’s robust Barolo.


This is a land of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. You may be surprised to know that Leonardo da Vinci has a share of more than 60% of important artworks. Another surprising fact is that Florence has half of this artwork. Galleries in the city are displaying wonderful artworks along with eminent modern collections. If you are an art lover, then this place is worth visiting.


Florence and Rome will offer you a huge collection of art and history. Other attractions are restaurants that are offering traditional cuisines and you will never forget its taste. Shopaholics can satisfy their desire by shopping. Get detailed information about Tuscany at www.toursoftuscany.com.


Even if you are not a history lover, you may be aware that Rome was one of the biggest empires of the world and Venice was an important hub of commercial activities. Greeks, Byzantines and Normans all have left their marks that make this place rich in history.