Uganda Gives you the chance to Explore the endangered species of Mountain Gorillas

The country Uganda has a special importance because it is home to the nearly extinct Mountain Gorillas. When you are talk about Africa something that is on top of the list is the wildlife of Africa. Safarihub understands this very well and hence all the packages for African tour that havebeen  designed by Safarihubinclude extensive wildlife viewing. One of such package is the fly in Gorilla package. This GorillaTrekking Uganda is of 4 days.In these four days you will come close to the mountain gorillas, one of the most fascinating mammals  in Africa . Every year millions of people from across the globe visit Uganda just to catch glimpse of the Mountain Gorillas. Not just because there are endangered but because of their  Uniquelifestyles. Adventure and thrill of the experience that you gain while coming in close contact with these mountain gorillas is what makes the fly in Gorilla package of the Safarihubso popular.

The first day of the trip is spent at Entebbe and that is where you arrive. You get the entire day to explore the city and have fun. You will be briefed regarding everything that you need to know before you go to visit the Gorillas. There will be overnight stay at Best Western Premier Hotel

Bwindi Impenetrable   Forest is the home of these Gorillas. So on day 2 of your GorillaTrekking Uganda trip, you will go to to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. While you are in this forest you need to have two things essentially. One is an expert guide along with youyouwho can actually explain you regarding the behaviour of these animals and who actually knows the areas where these mountain gorillas remains concentrated because they are not spread all over the forest. Secondly is that you need to have permits because these animals and endangered. This impenetrable forest is a  kind of reserved area where just like that randomly you cannot go and you need to have proper legal permits for that. A part of the money that you actually pay for the permit goes to the maintenance of these animals. You can go close to them ,observe their behaviour ,the way they live and the beautiful relationship that the hold with nature. On day 4 will get back to Entebbe the tour ends in the same place from where it commenced.