Fernie Fox Hotel - Offering the Best Restaurants in Fernie

Fernie Fox Hotel is a beautiful property located on the outskirts of Fernie, BC. There are a lot of things to like about the place; for one thing, it is located on the highway that runs through the heart of Fernie. The hotel is also close to several local businesses.

Its location between Downtown Fernie and the Fernie Alpine Resort makes it the perfect place to stay when visiting Fernie.The place also has free WiFi and a hot tub. Aside from being a hotel with outdoor BBQ, complimentary breakfasts, a fitness center, and picnic equipment are included.

In addition to the amenities listed above, it has a zero-smoking policy. The place alsohas a waste reduction policy, an elevator to all three floors, and contactless check-in. The property also has a 52kW solar array that provides 40% of its energy needs, making it certified green.

Fernie Fox Hotel - Eco-Friendly Hotel with Outdoor BBQ

You have plenty to choose from if you are in the market for a stay in Fernie. From ski rentals to hotel rooms, the town is full of options. However, one accommodation stands out for being eco-friendly, offering many amenities, such as the Fernie Fox Hotel.

A great way to check out Fernie is by staying at the Fernie Fox Hotel. Located on the west side of town, this eco-friendly hotel provides a variety of amenities. You'll enjoy free wireless Internet, complimentary breakfast, and a small spa tub for relaxation for a night or two. A shuttle to nearby ski resorts is also provided.

The Fernie Fox Hotel is locally owned and operated, so it takes its commitment to the community seriously. It has made an ultrasound machine available to the local hospital foundation. The company is also active in the Railyard Off-leash dog park, where pets are welcome.

The Fernie Fox Hotel is also one of the most environmentally friendly in BC. It employs a 52kW solar array, which is enough to provide 40% of its energy needs. And, to save you from having to plug your vehicle in, the hotel has several EV charging stations for on-site use.

Other features include a restaurant, Fernie and a coffee shop/cafe. There's also complimentary self-parking and a 24-hour business center. The hotel offers pet-friendly rooms, but you may have to pay a premium for that privilege.

The Fernie Fox Hotel was previously known as the Fernie Super 8. The new name reflects the hotel's emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly practices. It's the first and only hotel in British Columbia to use renewable, solar-powered electricity.

Make sure to have the right place to stay as you enjoy the amazing place of Fernie; check out the Fernie Fox Hotel.