Treat your feet this summer

The top 5 comfiest sandals to sport on your summer holiday!

Allowing your feet to breath is extremely important and may help prevent odour and even swelling in the warm summer months. This may mean putting away those trainers and ankle boots and trading them in for sandals. Contrary to popular belief, sandals can be just as comfortable as closed shoes; that is, if you know which ones to get! And whilst nothing is more important than being comfortable, many types of sandals also happen to be very on trend. Below, I have listed the top 5 comfortable and fashionable sandals I will be sporting this summer.

  • Sliders

These have become increasingly fashionable over the years and remain one of the comfiest options for summer.  Not only can they can go with any outfit, but they keep your feet cool and provide decent support. If you hear sliders and think ‘sporty’, you are partially correct, however they have developed various styles depending on the look you are going for.

  • Flatforms

These are a personal favourite of mine. Perfect for both days out and nights on the town, these sandals are very practical all round. Not only do they add a bit of extra height and give the illusion of toned calves, they are super comfortable and incredibly cute! Pick up a pair of these and I promise you will never go back.

  • Jelly sandals

While not everyone’s cup of tea, these are highly on trend at the moment and are guaranteed to get you reminiscing back to your childhood! Combining the practicality of waterproof sandals with a bit of sparkle and glitter, you can’t really go too wrong with these. They are also available in matte, non-glittery versions, in case you don’t want to reminisce that deeply.

  • Wedges

These fall somewhere between flatforms and heels. Whilst not the comfiest option to explore the city, wedges are great for casual lunches, romantic dinners and hitting the bars with your girlfriends. Combining the fashionable elements of wearing heels with the comfort of wearing flats, these are a must have for summer!

  • Gladiator sandals

These tend to be very eye-catching and come in ankle, mid-calf or over-the-knee styles. They are also very versatile in terms of what you can wear them with; whether you’re into mini skirts, denim shorts or culottes, you will find a style and length of gladiators to compliment your outfit perfectly.

Now that you have some ideas, you can be on the lookout for the best type of sandals to accompany you into the summer months. Whilst fashion may not always be cheap, you can check out these Groupon discount codes to help find affordable options for you. With your feet feeling fresh, you can tackle those long moonlight walks along the beach and hit up those cocktails bars in complete comfort and style.