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Diving in Makassar

Facing the city of Makassar are a bunch of islands basking in the sun, numbering 55 whatsoever, some big, while others are only sandbars that disappear at high tide. This cluster of islands is known as the Spermonde Archipelago, but locals know them only by their names. The islands closest to Makassar, like Lae lae and Kayangan, can be achieved within fifteen minutes by speedboat and so are popular weekend getaway resorts, others possess fishing villages, while the furthest away like Kapuposang island, instantly face the sea and therefore are ideal for Diving in Makassar and snorkeling. Best time to visit the islands is throughout the east monsoon that's between May through September.

This is also an ideal time to go sailing around the islands. Kayangan Island is about 2 km from the city facing the refuge and is full of simple restaurants and has rooms for rent. Even though Lae is located some 1.5 km. In the town and is the closest to the city. The island was extended by a long dike to its north side to guard the harbor of Makassar from waves. Lae today is densely populated, its inhabitants live in fishing and tourism, leasing boats out to take tourists back to Makassar or others islands. The visit to Lae takes only 10 to15 minutes.

The island of Samalona, some 7 km. From Makassar lies even further away and is therefore quieter. During colonial times the island was available exclusively to the Dutch elite. Indonesians weren't permitted to enter the island. Samalona has a beautiful white beach, encompassed by a healthy coral reef, where the reef on its north side is the best for snorkeling. Numerous cabins are available for rent, but foods are simple, although pricey. On Kodengareng Keke Island, about 12 km. From the city, the Dolphin Resort was assembled. This one can go snorkeling and diving, the water is very clear, and there's much different marine life to be enjoyed. Dolphin Resort provides four 2 space bungalows, and meals at an extra price. They also have dive equipment for rent.

However, for diving arrangements, it's best to arrange this with one of the numerous dive operators in Makassar.