There is a strong assumption amongst many travellers that booking a luxury hotel through a third party is cheaper compared to booking directly with the company. However, several traveling experts differ with this opinion.

There are some merits of booking a luxury hotel using a third party traveling agency. The main one is that you are able to compare side by side different hotel rates. This gives you all the information you need to make a prudent financial choice. You also have the luxury of seeing all the available options at once in one place. This is not only convenient and time saving, it also enriches the selection process and makes it easier.

However, booking directly through the hotel is far more advantageous for you especially if you are looking to cut down on costs.

The following are just a few of those advantages.

  • Cost-saving

It might be surprising to learn that booking directly with the hotel is often cheaper than booking a room using the travel agency. Nowadays, this is usually the case because hotels such as Ayana offer  best rate guarantees to individuals who book directly with them. With this guarantee, you are assured that the rate you are paying is better than any rate offered by a third party travel agency.

Furthermore, hotels also offer significant discounts to individuals that opt to book directly rather than with an agency. These discounts vary with hotels, but you are sure to experience enormous cost savings.

You are also eligible to receive perks such as free Wi-Fi, increase in hotel points, as well as hotel credit. All these perks are designed to help you save money as you enjoy your stay in the hotel.

  • Flexibility

Booking directly with the hotel affords you a level of flexibility that you cannot attain when using a travel agency for the booking. For instance, it might seem overly convenient to have the agency take care of booking your room and flight. However, you will have to pay a hefty penalty if you choose to change your traveling plans. There are also cancellation fees to consider.

With many of these agencies, you have to purchase the room in advance, and pay a deposit. In most instances, this deposit is non-refundable, which means that if your plans change, you will not get a refund.

You do not encounter any of these problems when booking directly with your preferred hotel. You usually do not have to leave a deposit, and you can change your plans or even cancel your stay without penalty until the check in date.

  • Personalized Rooms

Travellers have different and unique needs, and some special adjustments need to be made to the room in order to accommodate these needs. You can only get your room personalized if you book directly with the hotel. Using the direct method will give you the opportunity to talk to members of staff who can ensure that your room caters to all of your special needs.

However, booking a hotel room using the travel agency will not afford you the same luxury. The agency has no power over the personalization of the room, and cannot ensure that the room you get can accommodate all of your special needs.

These agencies simply work with the rooms available. They will not be of any help when you need your room adjusted. You will have to suffer the inconvenience of trying to get the hotel staff to make the adjustments when you arrive for your stay. This might prove difficult to do as in most instances, the hotel needs advance knowledge on how to personalize a room. If they cannot make the adjustments you need when you arrive, it means you will have to bear the inconvenience of staying in a room without the special amenities you need.