3 Best Vacation Destinations That You Must Add To Your Travel Bucket-List

If you are thinking about holidays, then you must surely add these 3 travel destinations to your bucket list.

1) Prague -

Prague is one of the many places in the world that have become the most visited ones by the tourists, even for a few days break from the busy life. Hundreds of people from around the globe visit this place for some recreational activities and also to escape from their daily busy schedule.

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Here are some of the factors that make this beautiful place the most visited one.

  • Cheap public transport
  • Safe city
  • Best place for a short break
  • A picturesque place with beautiful architecture

Places to Visit in Prague -

  • Astronomical Clock and Town Hall
  • Old Town and the Town Square
  • Powder Gate and Powder Tower

2) Vietnam -

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Next to Prague comes Vietnam, a place that has never failed to attract the attention of millions of tourists from around the globe. Apart from hundreds of reasons, here are some of the basic reasons that make Vietnam the most preferred place of visit by travelers.

·       Tasty and Healthy Food

Vietnam is best known for its fresh, healthy, and even tasty dishes. Foodies will surely have a blast when in Vietnam. The bowls of noodles, scrumptious dips, and rolls, etc., will surely make your taste buds go crazy for the flavors that they get to enjoy here.

·       Safest Place for Families

Even though the world is suffering from the impact of coronavirus, Vietnam has successfully combated this issue and has even prepared successfully in facing both waves. Hence, people here have not experienced as much loss of lives as in the other places in the whole world.

·       Best Adventures

Vietnam offers many places for interested travelers to enjoy their time in this place. The ethnic villages, mountain ranges, watersports, etc., are few to name.

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3) Paris -

If you love to go to international destinations, you must never miss out on planning a Paris holiday. This historic French city offers Eiffel Tower, shopping destinations, parks, historical landmarks, fine wine and dining, fashion, and lots more. Apart from being famous as the best romantic getaway in the whole world, here are some other things that make your visit to Paris a memorable one.

·       Beautiful Landmarks

The beautiful architecture and designs belonging to the olden ages are the main attraction in Paris. Each architecture layout will hold a mirror to the glorious talents of the architects in this place.

·       Tasty French Food

Paris restaurants are best known to serve the tasty dishes of French cuisine. Foodies will surely go crazy even after spending a day or two in this place.

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