4 Signs You Should Take Out A Company Car Lease

Business owners have different thoughts and opinions on car ownership. Some deem it essential, while others treat it as a luxury. If you are one of the many entrepreneurs considering getting vehicles for their businesses, you should consider taking out a company car lease. What is a company car lease, you ask?

What Is A Company Car Lease?

In Singapore, a company car leasing scheme allows business owners to ‘borrow’ a vehicle for corporate or commercial purposes at a specified price. This service will let them drive their chosen vehicle for a day to a few months or even years—depending on their preferred leasing plan. They can use their leased car to take themselves or their employees to and from work and allow them to travel to different towns in Singapore for business trips.

Getting a short or long term car lease in Singapore has many perks. Aside from allowing you and your team to experience comfort and privacy when travelling, taking out a car lease will free you from the many headache-inducing responsibilities linked with vehicle ownership. Your chosen rental company will cover most of the automobile’s repair and maintenance needs, so you do not have to worry about them.

But how can you tell if you and your team can benefit from getting a company car lease?

Many entrepreneurs now choose to get a Singapore company car leasing plan instead of buying an automobile or asking their employees to take the bus or train when travelling for work. Some considered buying cars after renting one, while most never turned their backs on renewing their lease every few months or years.

Scroll through to learn the signs you could benefit from taking out a short or long term car lease in Singapore.

1. You Or A Staff Needs To Frequently Travel For Work

Does your or your employees’ position require them to frequently meet with clients or visit your branches scattered throughout the island? If so, you should consider getting a Mitsubishi, Kia, or Mercedes leasing plan in Singapore. Doing so will allow you and your staff to comfortably and quickly travel to your destination to fulfil your duties, preventing mishaps and delays from taking the public transport system.

2. You Want To Save On Transportation Costs

Believe it or not, taking out a company car lease can be cheaper than buying a vehicle for your enterprise. Renting a car is also more economical and practical than asking your employees to take a train, taxi, or bus whenever they need to run a work-related errand, attend a conference, or meet with a client.

3. You Constantly Worry About Your Staff’s Safety When Travelling

Despite the public transport system’s efficiency and availability, riding a bus or train can put your employees at risk of experiencing various mishaps. Allowing them to use a private vehicle by taking out a long term car lease will keep them safe from crimes like robbery or hate-influenced attacks.

4. You Wish To Improve Your Company’s Image

Getting the best car rental in Singapore will enhance your company’s reputation in ways you have never imagined. It will allow your clients to view your enterprise as one of the most distinguished businesses in your industry, making them more likely to seal a deal with you and your team.

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