What's the Difference Between a Dock and a Pier?

Boating is one of America's favorite pastimes, but that doesn't mean we fully understand the lingo that goes along with the lifestyle. While the words "pier" and "dock" are often used interchangeably, the true meaning of the words is quite different. Read on for the full definitions to be sure you don't sound like a land lubber when you're at the piers Rockport boaters love.

What is a Dock?

When you're floating into an area where you can store your boat, you're entering the dock area. The dock is not the transitional structure that you use to travel between dry land and your boat, but rather the watery parking spot where your boat is stored.

The word dock has slightly different meanings overseas, where it often refers to a covered area of water where boats are stored.

In the U.S., docks can be either covered by a structure or open, depending on the size of the boat and the location. 

What is a Pier?

A pier is the sidewalk or walking area that helps you gain access to your boat as it resides in its dock.

If you see this walking space extend into the water area, you might also see people fishing from the pier or otherwise simply enjoying the beauty of the water.

Pier is often used in much the same way "slip" is used in maritime language, to indicate this area used to help individuals access their boats as they float in their dock. 

There are few more relaxing ways to spend a day than enjoying your boat or a day of sports in the water.

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