Atlanta: Top Tourist Attractions to Visit This Year 2019


Welcome to the capital of Georgia and also the most populous city of the state which serves as the cultural and economic center to nearly 5.8 million people who reside here.  In recent times it has been labeled as a ‘beta+’ world city that exerts a moderate impact on global commerce, education, technology, media, and entertainment. It is without a doubt one of the top twenty cities across the world and has a GDP of $385 billion. Here are some places in Atlanta that can make you feel excited about visiting this gorgeous place this year in 2019.

Amazing Atlanta Tours

Capture the beauty and magnificence of this great city with professional guides that enable you to tour around and explore Atlanta as it is truly meant to be discovered. Find out about all the history and culture this place has to offer by visiting one of its most iconic neighborhoods. This is one tour that you won’t simply forget. This is where you will create memories for your loved ones to remember for a long time.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

A gigantic museum dedicated to the study of human arts, culture, and history. There are numerous exhibitions that serve as the pride of this venue. It is an expansive facility that has been operating since 1992, offering you a tremendous and an immersive experience which is perfect for families with little children. Walk around in awe as you discover the marvels of the distant past put up for your enjoyment.

Georgia Aquarium

With nearly 10 million gallons of water put into this place, Georgia Aquarium is the nation’s largest and most magical wonders you have to visit.  A simple peek into its gargantuan chambers would enthrall you to your limits. Discover a new world of marine life counting to over a hundred thousand species. It is an overwhelming place that is bound to make you feel as you have landed on a different planet. It’s guaranteed to offer you the out of the world experience you have been craving for.

Centennial Olympic Park

Meet and behold the preeminent legacy which served the feat of hosting the Summer Olympics of 1996. This 22 –acre mix of urban and green space is the focal point for all of Atlanta’s commercial and residential development.  Attractions include a 200-foot Ferris wheel, musical events/concerts, fireworks display, Fountain of Rings, and various other visitor experience enhancements.

We hope this post was able to enlighten you about how fantastic a place Atlanta is and that it deserves the top spot for your next exciting place to visit. There are various other things to do in Atlanta which you might find interesting to look at. For more information feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.