What Makes Japan The Top Travel Destination In 2023?

Do you plan to travel outside the country, yet undecided on where it should be? Well, you can have Japan as your top destination this coming 2023. Take a look at the beautiful things to discover in Japan at https://japantravellerguide.com/

Top travel destinations in Japan

There is a list of the top five travel destinations that you have to discover in Japan, and these are:

  • Osaka
  • Nagoya castle
  • Kochi
  • Hakone
  • Shinagawa

What to discover in Osaka?

Osaka is a large city and a commercial center in Japan. Many tourists are visiting the place because of the following:

  • Modern architecture
  • Nightlife
  • Hearty street food

The Shogunate Osaka Castle in the 16th century has undergone several restorations, which is the main historic landmark in the place. What makes it a stunning castle is the beautiful place surrounded by a park and moat with plum, trees, and the most remarkable cherry-blossom trees. Many travelers never fail to visit Japan's oldest Shinto shrine "Sumiyoshi-taisha", one of the most popular shrines in Osaka.

More tourists attractions to visit in Osaka, and some of them are:

  1. Osaka Castle
  2. Osaka Castle Park
  3. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
  4. Kuromon Market
  5. Minami (Namba)
  6. National Bunraku Theater
  7. Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street

These are the beautiful tourist destinations that travelers should never miss out on when visiting Osaka, Japan.

The Nagoya castle

One of the most notable castles in Japan is Nagoya Castle in Nagoya, named after the place. It was constructed long ago by the Owari Domain during the Edo period in 1612, an earlier castle of the Oda clan in the Sengoku period. What is special about the castle is that it was Japan's first castle designated a National Treasure. After the wartime air raid destruction, the castle was deemed historically essential enough to be designated a National Historic Site.

There is a beautiful story about why Nagoya castle was built during that time, and visitors will enjoy the story behind it.


Kochi is located on Shikoku Island in Japan, which is famous for delicious skipjack tuna and scenic nature as well as yuzu production. It has a rich history with one of the most famous samurai in Japan named Ryoma Sakamoto, born in the same place. Before the Meiji Restoration, the place was known as Tosa Province.

There are so many things to do in Kochi; these are activities to enjoy in Kochi, a beautiful though lesser-known region.

There are ten activities and things to enjoy in Kochi, a beautiful though lesser-known region of Japan.

  • Kochi castle
  • Ryoma Sakamoto Museums
  • Katsurahama
  • Niyodo river
  • Monet's garden
  • Visit Yuzu orchard
  • Kuretaisho market
  • Hirome market
  • Straw-grilled skipjack tuna

If Japan is not on your bucket list, now is the right time to book your next travel vacation.