Discover Croatia and its best cities to visit

Croatia is a small country, spread over the land of 56,594 square kilometers but one of the best destinations for travelers and adventure lovers. Millions of tourists visit Croatia for sailing and vacation on the boat to explore the beauty of resplendent beaches, clear water, and spectacular coastline every year. It consists of classical and renowned prehistoric constructions, waterfalls, beaches, islands, delicious food, wine, and a peaceful atmosphere that give you a reason to visit Croatia once in a life to satisfy your vacation expectations. With the increasing number of tourists each year, Croatia has become one of the most visited and economical travel spots in the World. If you are still confused to choose a travel destination for your next trip, then here are some incredible places to visit in Croatia.

The Croatia climate 

January is the coldest month whereas July and August are very hot. Visitors can enjoy the nice climate and easy sailing in the month of May and June or September and October when the weather is good and acceptable for swimming, surfing, and other coastal activities. Coastal regions of Croatia face heavy rainfall in the month of December. 

Croatia Yacht Charter

One of the most favorable ways to explore the beauty of various islands of Croatia is a luxurious yacht charter. There are many renowned private Croatia Yacht Charter service providers who demonstrate the yacht vacation plans and ideas according to your requirements so that you can enjoy the sailing and vacation on the boat. The charges depend on the amenity and luxury of the charter and it starts from $100 -$500 per day and can reach up to to $1000 per day.  


Dubrovnik is one of the leading destination spots for travelers and is also well known by the name Pearl of the Adriatic. It was founded in the 7th century and had grown up in the field of science, art, literature tremendously in the medieval period. Dubrovnik’s Old town district is filled up with lots of sightseeing beauties like a cobblestone parade, splendid mansions, incredible defensive walls, historical architecture, and astonishing churches. There are plenty of beaches like Banje and Lapad where visitors can drive pleasure by sunbaking, swimming and surfing.


The city of Split is like a jewel of Croatia which grew up in and around a former Roman emperor’s palace. So, when you walk through the city, you are actually walking through the former Palace ground and also, there are many modern areas in Split as well. The main waterfront has been turned into a pedestrian promenade. So, this is the place that visitors go to see. There are also lots of international dining options and a very buzzy atmosphere in general. 


The next is Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, which is the largest city in the nation where you will find all the international dining restaurants, art galleries, museums, beautiful buildings, and shopping stores along with lots of historic charm. Despite the capital of the country, the city is not able to attract a lot of visitors and is often omitted by travelers. The reason may be that it is situated in the interior or non-coastal region of the country. Folks visit Croatia in order to enjoy the coastline, clear blue water, sunny days, and sandy beaches but Zagreb is far from the Mediterranean, so it is mostly avoided. But there are some good reasons to include Zagreb in the must-visit list. Its unique culture and cuisine stand it different from other cities. Other coastal cities are beautiful but flooded with lots of tourists and overcrowded. If you want to experience the genuine Croatian lifestyle, its culture, and architectural beauty then you must visit Zagreb. 

Krka National Park

Croatia is full of National parks to explore. Krka National Park is one of them that is situated in the Central Dalmatia of Croatia, comprises beautiful waterfalls, landscapes, wildlife, crystal clear water lakes. You can hire a car and go by road from Split to Sibenik. Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap are the most fascinating waterfalls of this National Park. There is a series of waterfalls that looks amazing and enhances the natural beauty of the park. There are more to explore like historic and archeological sites, ancient charterhouses, museums, etc. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park

When you are in Zagreb then you must visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of the most beautiful and best national parks in the world. It was set up in 1949 near the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The beauty of the park attracts more than 1 million visitors each year. It consists of 16 lakes which are flooded with a number of waterfalls and clear blue water that enhance the natural beauty of the park and no one would want to miss this very beautiful view. This park has already been included in the UNESCO World Heritage.