Which Country is Best for Vacation in Europe?

Europe is blessed with several vibrant cities, lots of culture, and amazing landscapes. These range from the countrysides of Italy and France to the islands of Spain and Greece.

There are many beautiful places in Europe loaded with natural wonders. That's why it can be challenging to pick spots to visit.

This guide delves into some of the top European countries you can tour in your next holiday. With the list that will be discussed below, you can begin planning your next tours.

Top European Countries to Visit for Holidays

Europe has created a heaven on earth for themselves it's a good site to behold. Below are a few nations in Europe to consider visiting on your next holiday.


This European country provides travelers with the opportunity to enjoy pleasant holidays. In Croatia, you'll always find the best diversity of scenes in Europe, with hills, countryside, islands, forests, beaches, and mountains of uncommon beauty.

Croatia will make you fall in love - yes, with its beauty, charm, and history. Dive into the clear waters of Croatia and uncover the availability of about one thousand islands. You may also try the hinterland and unravel amazing hills, forests, and mountains.


Here is another beautiful European country with incredible climates—you can enjoy the sun all year round. In 2023, Greece ranked the number one most searched country.

The riches and beauties of the nation are many, as it provides activities that cater to all.

You do not want to miss the Acropolis tour. Also, be part of the romantic sailing cruises around the coast of Santorini. Afternoon scuba diving to Mykonos is simply fun. There are several fun activities to do in Greece.


You can't go wrong if you select Malta as one of the places in Europe to tour on your next holiday. Malta is blessed with amazing landscapes. You'll find numerous islands here—even if they are small, they are incredible! Be prepared to go mountain hiking, wine tasting, and beach hopping whenever you visit Malta. Simply take in the unique history of Malta.

Expect an eclectic bunch of cities and towns here. Valletta, the capital city of Malta, is often bursting with honey-hued bulwarks and moody art. For the best accomodations in Malta, reach out Shortzzz.


Spain has loads of beauties and assets—from the Guggenheim of Bilbao to the beaches of Tenerife in Formentera. That's not all—the Sagrada Familia and the Camino del Rey in Malaga are also pleasant to behold! Spain is one of the most beautiful countries on the continent.

When you visit Spain for your next vacation, include the most appealing castles, beaches, cities, and other fun things to do on your list. Keep searching for inspiration for your coming trip. You can travel more and spend less when booking accommodations, flights, and incredible tours in Spain.


Europe has many locations for several kinds of holidays. If you love beaches, explore Spain and Croatia. You may also consider visiting Malta and Greece if you cherish incredible landscapes. Make your list now and enjoy every moment of your trip.