6 Delicious Pizzas That You Must Spam Your Life With

Pizzas are popular Italian cuisines and the pizza base is best made with wheat flour and corn flour. Infused with fresh sauces and sausages, they can be made salty, tangy, as well as sweet. The one constant, however, in all the pizzas is cheese. The better the quality, the tastier the pizza is. Besides, you can always choose the amount and type of cheese you want, the toppings you desire, the sauces you prefer, and the taste you relish.

Best qualified in 2 categories - Veg pizzas and Non-veg pizzas - they can be made healthy and nutritious. When in Montreal, you must try the following 6 pizzas at DoublePizza to savor the rich taste of sausages, meats, and veggies.

  1. Festine Pepperoni Pizza

Taste of cheese and pepperoni runs like an epidemic in this double cheese and double pepperoni pizza prepared with fresh tomato sauce. Starting at just 11.24$, it is a super creamy one that tastes heavenly while it's still hot and fresh.

  1. Philly Steak Pizza

A marvelous treat for meat lovers, this non-veg pizza puts forth the taste of steaks on a flatbread cooked with cheese and tomato sauce and topped with mushrooms and onions. It starts at just 11.49$ and can be customized with more veggies.

  1. Mediterranean Pizza

A mini garden of fresh vegetables, this is a popular vegetarian pizza that contains a refined mixture of 2 kinds of cheese - Parmesan, the Italian cheese and Feta, the Greek cheese. The base is laced with tomato sauce and the pizza is garnished with mushrooms, kalamata olives, and tomatoes. It starts at 12.49$.

  1. Halal Chicken Pizza

Savor the juicy taste of chicken and mushrooms in each bite of the halal chicken pizza that starts at just 11.99$. Loaded with tomato sauce and ample of cheese, this buttery pizza is topped with onions and hot peppers for a spicy taste.

  1. Mexican Pizza

The name says it all - this is a fiesty hot and spicy pizza that contains a lot of hot pepper. Made with tomato sauce, it is topped with beef and onions. It starts at just 10.74$ and is sufficient to provide a full meal for 1.

  1. All Vegetarian Pizza

This is a tantalizing vegetarian delight pizza that is flooded with green olives, green pepper, kalamata olives, mushrooms, cheese, and tomato sauce. Starting at 10.99$, you can customize it with extra cheese and extra sauce for a more creamy texture.