AYANA Luxury Hotels: The Height of Comfort In Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia, which is located on the volcanic Ring of Fire in Southeast Asia is an enchanting nation comprising of more than 17,000 islands. These islands are known as tropical idylls and their individual heritage and landscapes reveal extraordinary beauty. If you venture across Indonesia, you will come across a wealth of sites protected by UNESCO, dramatic landscapes, religious celebrations and thrilling wildlife that are as diverse as the people living there.

Of this islands is Bali, a tropical heaven whose sun and surf is enough for ten tropical holidays at once. It is here that tan-hungry bodies come for sun, surf and sand while urban escapist come for the stress-easing jungle tranquility that Bali provides. Since this island is an all-in-one type of destination, there is no other place in Southeast Asia that can compete with its perfect combination of pristine beaches, culture and history, good people, anaheim convention center hotel anaheim ca , sensual spas, great shopping, sleek bars and restaurants.

Luxury hotels

When it comes to the archetypal luxury experience, there is no better place you should go to make the most of your stay in Bali other than any of the AYANA luxury hotels. Perched above Jimbaran Bay, the AYANA Resort and Spa spans over 90 hectares of land. It comprises of over 17 restaurants and bars, 11 swimming pools, several world-class spas and wellness centers and a private beach. Sharing some of the land space with AYANA Resort and Spa, the RIMBA Hotel is surrounded by rice paddies and a beautiful lake. Surrounded by its cliff top property in Jimbaran Bay, the Villas at AYANA Resort provides top-of-the line luxury. This resort-within-a-resort features 78 beautifully secluded villas which are built beyond lavish architecture.

Pristine Beaches

Plenty of holidaymakers and travelers consider Bali to have one of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world. With its own unique attractions and holiday vibes, Bali offers its visitors access to exquisite dining, five-star luxury accommodation, elegant beach clubs and convenient boutique shopping. All of these come with the majestic view of the ocean. You can either choose a quiet beach or one offering a wide range of watersports including sea kayaking, parasailing and jet skiing.

Rich history and culture

Taking pride in its own bright and vibrant culture, Bali is an experience you don't want to miss. The island's original inhabitants known as the Bali Aga as well as the later influences from the Javanese Hindu Empire are evident in both the local scenery and structures. This provides travellers with a chance at enjoying unique cultural experiences. If you are courteous and respectful, you will get to catch a glimpse of the Bali Aga villages as well as their cultural arts and crafts.

Diversity of Nature

From breathtaking volcanoes and white sandy beaches to the idyllic ocean and rice paddy terraces, the natural environment of Bali offers different things for different people. For instance, the ancient ruins in Ubud seem to seamlessly integrate with the lush green rice paradise rolling down the rich green valleys. If you are into hiking then Bali is just the place to be, it has a bevy high mountains and volcanic calderas. You will find white sands fringed with palm trees on Bali's west coast and black sand with rocky outcrops on the east coast. With an extended stay at one of the AYANA luxury hotels you will be able to experience the full array of Bali's natural scenes.

Events and festivities

Regardless of what time you visit the island, you are likely to catch at least one of the vibrant events and festivals in Bali. In addition to this, there are a plethora of religious and spiritual festivals take place in the villages and temples all year round.

If you are seeking holistic healing and absolute relaxation, then any of the AYANA luxury hotels are your accommodation of choice.