Get a vivid idea about various types of IELTS Tests

Many people dream of living, working, and settling in the UK and for this, they need to pass a test called IELTS. They have to go for a1 English test booking to make their career. People need to achieve a high score in the test, which will help them in getting admission to top universities. There are two types of tests that people need to take and here is their description.

Types of tests

IELTS Academic

People who want to go for a bachelor's or postgraduate program have to go for IELTS Academic. The test will also help the people to get professional registration and they can use it to get jobs in the UK.

IELTS General Training

This a1 English test booking training is good for those people who want to have training but they will not get any degree. This training is considered as below degree level. This training will help people to go to the UK or any other country where English is the primary language.

Format of the examination

There are four sections in which each test is divided and these sections are discussed here.


In the case of IELTS Academic, people need to read out three long passages, which consist of complex words and phrases. In the case of IELTS General Training, People have to read either four or five texts, which are comparatively short and simple.


In the case of IELTS Academic, each candidate will receive a chart diagram and he or she will have to write a description of it in 150 words. In the case of General Training, each candidate will receive a real-life situation. This situation has to be described in a written letter. Here are the things, which will be observed by the examiners.

  • Structure of the letter
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency


There are three parts to this section. The total time for this section ranges between 11 and 14 minutes. One candidate is assigned to one examiner and conversation is done on one to one basis. The conversation is recorded so that marks can be given accordingly.


There are four parts to this section. People need to listen to some audios and based on these audios, they have to answer some questions.

In the case of General Training, people have to go through the same process for speaking and listening sections.

Life Skills

This is another version of the IELTS examination, which helps people in applying for UK visa and immigration. In this type of test, listening and speaking skills of candidates are checked. The assessment of both the skills will be based on either A1 or B1 level. There are two levels of this test.

IELTS Life Skills A1

This test has to be taken in the case of the evaluation of speaking and listening skills. It is so because people have to apply for their family or spouse.

IELTS Life Skills B1

This type of test is taken by those people who want to settle in the UK. Speaking and listening skills of the candidates are testes in this section.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the tests, which people need to take to reside in the UK or get a visa to stay in the country for a certain period.