How to choose a beach house in Goa

No one can deny the fact that Goa is the most popular tourist destination in India. They are unforgettable for their beautiful beaches and green vegetation. Long fantasies can be achieved only in Goa. For instance, nightlife, adventure, water sports, etc. Goa is the most suitable destination for nature lovers. It has a lot of beauty within it to showcase them.

Just think of the sun, sand, surfing and beach clubs. I hope you have decided to look for a beach house in Goa. You can find it below. This article deals with choosing cottages in Goa. At the end of the article, you will know how to make your picnic unforgettable by choosing the best beach house in Goa.

Land of beaches

Goa has beautiful beaches with beautiful coastlines. Wonderful beaches are found around the South Goa and North Goa. They are great destinations for nightlife and hippie market.

How to choose cottages in Goa?

You can enjoy your vacation to the fullest only when you have certain facilities. So, there are some important points to have in your checklist. Make sure that the beach house has all of these to have a wonderful vacation.


You cannot compromise this place for anything in the cottages in Goa. The bedroom has to be well furnished and should have AC. Generally, they have to be with a double bed, King mattress. Rooms will have either an iPod or iPhone ready Bose speaker system. They should have ensued bathrooms at least one separate private bathroom. When you go with your family, you will know the importance of this facility.


Make sure that bathrooms feature showers, shower, neat towels and toiletries. Obviously, this cannot be taken for granted, in any of the beach houses in Goa. You cannot be without this basic need.


Ensure that they have a good network of housekeeping. You are in a new place and you definitely need someone or the other to assist you in your daily needs. The housekeeping staff are highly trained and qualified, you can experience carefree true vacation.

Checkin and checkout time

Know the information in prior the check-in and checkout time. Inform them and get the dates confirmed to avoid the room as soon as you reach there. Sometimes if you directly enter the Cottage premise, you might suffer because of full occupancy.

Catering facility

In general, any beach house or cottages in Goa will have a fully equipped kitchen. It will have a range of appliances all at your convenience. This feature is very important when you have planned for a long trip. Appliances like gas stove oven, fridge, cooking utensils, flatware, glassware, silverware, and the rice cooker will be available.

Laundry service

You cannot do the laundry by yourself, especially during a vacation. So make sure, that the beach house in Goa provide laundry service and has a washing machine, dryer, iron clothes steamer exclusively available.

Outdoor dining

This will give a true vacation experience. So do not compromise with this facility. An outdoor dining facility will connect all the Bungalows in the beach house to a stone-paved Central courtyard. With large wooden tables and full of greenish bush around, you will live your vacation.

Outdoor living facility

This facility is a huge entertainment area, it will contain BBQ and pit features which will be ready to use. Swimming pools will be there attached to the Tropical Gardens. You can relax in the pool, lounges, tables and chairs that are set out in the garden lawn.

Private parking

Make sure that you have a permanent parking area provided. In the absence of this facility, you will have to run pillar to post to look for a safe area and park your vehicle.