Information on the Space Study Programs from American Military University

This online program was designed by practitioners who are former NASA astronauts as well as Dean of Science and Technology Dr. James Reilly, who is a veteran of 3 shuttle missions as well as 5 spacewalks. Students of this program have the opportunity to learn from former astronaut as well as current professor, Wendy Lawrence, who is veteran of 4 shuttle missions Whether you are new to the space or aeronautical school or you are a professional in this industry, who have made the decision to get either an undergraduate or graduate degree or certificate.

American Military University

American Military University is allowing learners who’re adults to be able to fit cutting-edge studies curriculum into lives that are busy. This program uses labs at a distance and students learn a mixture of aeronautical and space science, public policy studies, and operations. Students have the elasticity to increase their interests in specific topics regarding space station, spacecraft, and satellite operations, as well as space exploration and astronomy. There is very few academic space studies programs that match both the breath and scope of this state-of-the-art online program, which interests individuals from an assortment of professions related to NASA, the US intelligence community, government agencies, general education, military or science sectors.

What you can earn

You can earn:

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Space Studies.
  • Master of Science in Space Studies.
  • Graduate Certificate in Space Studies.
  • Bachelor of Science in Space Studies.
  • Associate of Science in Space Studies.

Providing Value for your Education Dollars

There are tuition costs are affordable, minimal fees and lots of help with financial aids. Undergraduate cost $270 per credit hour, $250 credit hour with military grant. Graduate $350 per credit hour, $325 credit hour with military grant.

Grant savings

There is a book Grant Savings: eBooks are proved at no cost for students who are enrolled in undergraduate courses for credit. The undergraduate book grant is assessed to save $250 per academic semester when you are registered as a full-time student.