Microfiber towels: perfect choice for a long trip or short family vacation

First of all, what is this material? Basically, it is a synthetic fabric that is made with filaments that are a lot, but much finer than the natural fibers. It is a very recent invention that has become fashionable. They become 10 times thinner than a human hair. Seeing the fiber in the microscope can be seen as a kind of star-shaped labyrinth that improves the entry and capture of dirt.

  • They withstand abrasion better than natural fibers
  • They do not leave lint like it does with cotton
  • They support different temperatures
  • They have antibacterial properties
  • They dry much faster

Why this appropriate?

Since microfiber is much more final, it hardly takes up much space absorbing more than cotton. It does not usually have wrinkles, so you can forget about ironing. Microfiber bathrobe with different solid colors to choose perfect for bathing, swimming or taking it on a trip. Microfiber bath towel to choose from in a multitude of colors and in two sizes. Therefore, in the case of towels they become super absorbent so, even wet, they remain a very light fabric. If you wish to buy them right now, shopoffthemap.com is the right place for you.

Since they withstand temperatures, you can wash them in the washing machine with hot water, and even with a wash of water it is sometimes enough without having to use detergent or other chemical products. With which we talk about what is a more ecological product. You will hardly find negative parts in this fiber.

How beneficial?

Choosing a microfiber towel is always a good idea, but it is always more advisable if you use it for travel, to go to the gym, to the pool and to the spa. Smooth microfiber towel available in several colors and perfect for the beach or the pool. Not only that, surely it has happened to you that while preparing your travel suitcase the towel is one of the things that take up the most space. That is why one of the travel items that is mostly recommended is a quick drying towel. There are several types of these towels, such as microfiber and swimming.

Microfiber towels dry much faster than regular towels. The swimming ones are even kept wet. Before you dry with it, rinse it, squeeze it and go. In the end, squeeze it and store it in its case, it does not matter if it is wet. They occupy much less space in your suitcase than a traditional towel. They usually come in a very practical plastic packaging or container. In almost all hostels they charge extra for towels, do not spend a peso more and bring your towel

Because of the material they are made with, these towels absorb much more moisture than regular towels. There are many sizes! Microfiber tends to have larger presentations but although swimming is medium you can dry without problems, after all express them and use them as many times as you want.