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Where to Go and What to See in Japan

Now that you've planned your trip to Japan and know the sights you want to see, you may be wondering what else there is to do while you're there. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series for our recommendations of the fifty best things to do in Japan.

Enjoy Some Sushi

This list would be incomplete without the inclusion of sushi, that gastronomic joy. Although not everyone enjoys the taste of raw fish, this would be a great time to give it a shot if you've never done so before. Perhaps, in the end, you will even shock yourself.

Originally, sushi was meant to be eaten with your fingers as a portable street snack. Tsukiji Market isn't the only location you can get fresh fish prepared for consumption. It's become a worldwide food trend in recent years.

Take full advantage of this year's Japanese cherry blossom season.

Tourists from all over the globe go to Japan every spring to see the country's famed cherry blossoms. The sakura season in Japan is a time to relax and interact with loved ones, despite the fact that most visitors hurry from tree to tree to capture the perfect photo op. The Japanese custom of hanami, which translates to "flower viewing," often comprises a picnic or barbecue under the canopy of blooms. You should create time in your calendar to take advantage of this possibility. This is crucial while planning your japan vacation. Choosing Ashikaga Flower Tours Japan is a nice option.

A whole bowl of Ramen noodles should be discarded.

If you've only ever eaten instant ramen, it's time you tried the genuine kind from Japan. When craving a flavour of home, most Japanese have their favourite one or two ramen places they always visit. Though it's a relatively new dinner (it gained popularity in the 1950s), several regions in Japan take pride in their own distinctive takes on the dish.

Eat Some Tender Wagyu

International demand for wagyu is high, yet genuine wagyu may be difficult to get if you live anywhere other than Japan. There are stringent requirements for meat to be classified as "wagyu," including as the presence of marbling and verification of the cow's bloodline. Exports of high-quality beef that falls short in one or two areas are common.

Via A Conversation With a Real Geisha

Everything you think you know about geishas that you picked up from reading or watching "Memoirs of a Geisha" should be thrown out the window. For the time being, just know that geisha in Kyoto are not prostitutes and that their bodies are not set up for sale as part of their training. We won't go into all the ways in which Arthur Golden got things wrong.

IZAKAYA Is A Fun First Stop On A Night Out With Friends.

You won't find anything exactly like an izakaya in the West, which is to say, any bar. They're more like a restaurant than a bar since they provide meals in addition to alcohol. Dining at a low table with sliding doors for seclusion and tatami mats beneath your feet may be an option at certain restaurants.