3-day itinerary for your Mykonos yacht chartering adventure

The Cyclades Islands are a quintessential yachting destination in the heart of the Aegean Sea. These stunning Greek islands have enchanted visitors and locals for centuries with their pristine beauty and unmistakable charm. Among these gems, the iconic island of Mykonos stands out thanks to its natural landscapes, vibrant nightlife, and cultural richness. Renowned for its white-sand beaches, exclusive beach clubs, sumptuous dining options, and the historical allure of its town, Chora, Mykonos epitomises the perfect blend of traditional Greek culture and modern luxury. The distinctive white houses with their vivid blue touches give to the towns their picturest recognisable looks. The many temples scattered here and there are only a small testimonial of how amazing the Greek civilisation was once. You’ll meet welcoming and charismatic people eager to show you the treasures of their islands. Curious to know more? Here, we share a three-day itinerary of what to expect on a Mykonos yacht charter adventure this season

Day 1: Discovering Chora

Your Mykonos yacht charter adventure begins as you arrive at the island's welcoming shores. Spend your first day exploring the beautiful streets of Chora, the island's famous town. Wander through its labyrinthine streets, lined with whitewashed houses, vibrant bougainvillaea, and chic boutiques. As evening descends, indulge in some of the island's finest cuisine at a local taverna, where traditional Greek flavours meet the island's gastronomic innovations. The nightlife in Chora, a blend of sophistication and vivacity, is not to be missed. Experience the energetic pulse of Mykonos as you explore its renowned bars and nightclubs

The atmosphere at night is festive, the whole island seems to be dancing once the sun goes down. There is some for everyone, local bands bring to life some of the tavernas, while the nightclubs are overflowing with a communicative energy. You can stay up all night, or choose to retire back to your yacht a bit early so you can fully enjoy the next day of your trip and savour a nightcap under the stars.

Day 2: Beach Club Hopping

The second day of your Mykonos yacht charter is all about the quintessential Mykonian experience – beach club hopping. Cruise along the coastline, dropping anchor at some of the island's most famous beaches. Spend your day lounging on sun-drenched sands, diving into crystal-clear waters, and revelling in the luxurious amenities of world-class beach clubs.

You can also opt for an underwater exploration. The sealife is aboundant due to the volcanic rock, thanks to the clear water you can admire some of the most vibrant colours. If you prefer, you can also dive deeper for wrecks. Most yachts for charter have a diving instructor on board, otherwise, your crew can arrange one for you. As a beginner, you might enjoy exploring Anna II’s wreck. She’s still in very good shape and with your guide, you’ll be able to go through some of the ship still intact. You’ll be surprised to discover that there’s an imprtant marine life that has chosen to live there. Not too deep, this can be a terrific adventure and a first experience to remember.

As the sun begins to dip, make your way to Scorpios, one of the island's most celebrated beach clubs. Here, in this bohemian paradise, enjoy an all-day dining experience that seamlessly transitions into a night of dance and music under the stars. Known for its upscale ambience and mesmerising sunset views, it is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the island's renowned party scene.

Day 3: Rineia Island

On the last day of your Mykonos yacht charter, have your crew seek out the island's quieter, more secluded corners. Cruise across the turquoise waters to the nearby uninhabited island of Rineia, offering serene beaches and untouched landscapes. Here, in the tranquillity of nature, enjoy a peaceful swim or a leisurely picnic prepared by your crew on the island's shores. As the afternoon approaches, return to Mykonos for a memorable dining experience at Kikis Taverna. Perched above the Gulf of Agios Sostis, this charming, electricity-free taverna serves delectable Greek dishes, fresh seafood, and succulent meats, all paired with some of the most tastiest Greek wine. As you’ll be delighting in your succulent dinner, you’ll get mesmerized by the breathtaking sea views. Savour the flavours of Mykonos as the sun sets, bringing your exquisite three-day charter to an end.

From the lively streets of Chora to the serene beauty of Rineia, a yacht charter in Mykonos offers a unique and luxurious exploration of this Greek paradise. Each day offers a new facet of the island's allure, making your journey a discovery of Mykonos' natural beauty, food, culture, and more. Such a short trip will be a teazer and you’re sure to want to come back for a longer yacht charter around Mykonos and the Cyclades islands.