The Best Travel Hacks You Need for your Next Trip

Our planet is full of Places, People, and Things to discover. This makes travel exciting for most of us. And the magnitude of stuff to explore in every country makes travelling a bit more complicated. Meanwhile, before we even get to know the people, appreciate the sights, get a whiff of the smell, or taste the cuisine of one place, we must go through tedious planning of our itinerary, visa requirements, budget, and the like.

But besides the tiresome part of arranging your trip, travelling truly has loads of benefits for the first time and even seasoned travellers. So as not to let these stressors ruin your vacation, we have brushed the internet with a fine-tooth comb and found nine of the best travel hacks you need for your next trip.

Duplicate your Docs.

Before the actual day of your flight, make sure to scan your travel documents (passport, identification cards, and flight ticket), make them available in your phone in offline mode, and email them to yourself. This way, you are saving an extra copy of each important document and bringing them within your reach in the event of loss or theft while you are in another country.

Track your Flight Status

Flight Tracking Apps have been gaining attention since people with varying ages started becoming more tech-savvy. Nowadays, we don't simply rely on airport announcements on the status of our flights. Instead, we get real-time information at the touch of our hands. One of the popular web-based service for this is Fly Radar, which helps you track almost all the flights in the sky that is publicly available. Besides your own flight, you can track the status of your family and friends’ as well. With this kind of information, you’ll be able to do things that matter more as an alternative to arriving extra early at the airport just to find out that your flight is delayed or worse, cancelled.

Roll them up!

One of the most common travel hack you will hear from backpackers and cabin crews alike! Instead of folding your clothes and piling them in your luggage, try rolling them up into a tube. For those travelling with Jacket or Suit, pack them from the inside out. Besides saving three times more space, your clothes will also avoid getting creased and wrinkled.

Mark your Luggage “Fragile”

Because of tons of luggage going to and from the airport, they may be mishandled from time to time. Before you leave, expect that your luggage will have to get tossed, flung, or dropped. But not without proper marking. Marking your luggage as “fragile” will be a great way to ensure that your baggage is handled properly. Airport personnel will even put your stuff at the top and in turn, will be the first to be released.

Keep Your Cash Separately

Another travel hack that can be useful for emergency purposes is separating your cash in discreet containers. For example, an empty chapstick is a perfect case for a rolled bill, use your bag’s secret pockets and put cash in as well, slip a bill in your phone case, or in the pocket of your suit.

Also, do not put your cash altogether in one wallet or purse. Knock-on-wood, but in case it gets lost, you will be able to get yourself through with extra cash stashed in different places.

Turn your Low Profile Mode On

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere.” Because of experience, seasoned travellers easily understand and follow this advice as every country we visit has its own customs and traditions. It is easy to spot a tourist since they purposefully dress up and act as they please whenever they are in a foreign country. Remember, there is a big difference between a tourist and a traveller.

Keep Rechargeable Batteries Cool

It seems rather peculiar to find a battery in your fridge, isn't it? Well, it appears that a cool rechargeable battery has its purpose because they retain up to 90% of their charge when they are kept in cold storage. In effect, you may need not to charge your batteries more often.

Befriend Bees Wax

You heard it right. If you are on a vacation to tropical countries, the one with beach or bodies of water, you might want to consider buying a chunk of this and start rubbing in your valuables – of course not in your phones and gadgets, silly!

Besides being an ingredient in cosmetic products, beeswax tends to lock moisture out and waterproofs your rucksack, your jacket or even your sneakers. Because of these, who wouldn’t love bees!?

Take Out ONLY What You Need

After hours of waiting for the plane to arrive, getting delayed from your take off, and actually going through the whole journey, we tend to unpack everything and make ourselves at home upon arriving at the hotel. And it gets better. By taking out every pair of shoes, putting all your clothes in the closet, and placing all your toiletries in the hotel bathroom, you set yourself up for a repacking nightmare.

Once it is time to go home, avoid forgetting something when you repack by taking out only the necessities that you will use from your luggage. Backpackers are masters of this skill as they know that they wouldn’t stay for long in every hostel they visit.