Best paradise islands for honeymoon trips

One of the most anticipated moments for newly married couples is to start a new one together on the honeymoon. The wedding trip can become a real dilemma, there are so many options that the choice is usually difficult.

As with any trip, the doubts are usually the same:

  • Stay time
  • Allocated budget
  • Adventure or relax trip
  • Wedding's date
  • Destination Climate
  • Wedding Preferences

In this extensive guide, we present the best honeymoon destinations with the most important activities of interest in each place. we have separated the normal interior tourist destinations and the paradise islands. we have not included the price because it may vary depending on the type of trip you choose. It may be a good idea to save on wedding rings to spend on these dream places.

There are many islands, but very few have a special charm. Given that almost 70% of couples usually get married between May and October, the weather on these islands is perfect for a few days of dreams.

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They are found in the South Pacific Ocean, just between New Zealand and Hawaii. They form an archipelago that has 15 beautiful islands. The most visited destinations on these islands are:

  • Rarotonga: a volcanic island with immense valleys and coral reefs.
  • Aitutaki: famous for the tour in typical Polynesian canoes and its crystal-clear waters.
  • Atiu: on this island, there are many water activities such as snorkeling or diving. It also has caves and areas for hiking.
  • Camping Ikurangi Eco Resort: from this accommodation, you have access to personalized tours to see exotic birds, whales, black pearls and other interesting activities.


In almost all the archipelago the weather is very good, normal tropical climate, although sometimes there are gusts of winds. Some typhoons pass through the islands but usually occur between the end of November and February.

If you like this destination, we recommend you go in summer or fall.


There are 115 tropical islands located northeast of Madagascar. Its beaches are white sand and the turquoise waters show beautiful coral reefs. Do you want to relax on your honeymoon? Come to Seychelles. These are the most viewed places on the islands:

  • Puerto Victoria: This city is located on the island of Mahé and is the capital. You can see a market with its square, a clock tower, a botanical garden and leaving the city the best beaches on the whole island.
  • Denis Island: it is a private island where the most prestigious resorts in the world are located. White sand and hundreds of palm trees create a spectacular landscape. It has a large reserve of giant birds and turtles, thrush, coli largos, and native warblers.
  • La Digue: it is located on the west side of Felicité Island and houses the most beautiful beach in the world, Anse Source d'Argent.


All year great except November, December and January. In these months monsoon winds whip and there are torrential rains.


Punta Cana is a popular destination for tourists, it is located east of the Dominican Republic and is full of hotel complexes. The beaches are amazing and the hotels very equipped. These are the activities that are most practiced:

  • Snorkeling: the best area to practice this activity is Catalina Island. The coral reefs of this area are unique in the world.
  • Sea Trek Diving: it is a new modality, walking along the seafloor contemplating a spectacular view of stars of many colors and thousands of fish around you.
  • Windsurf or sailboat: if you like surfing here you will enjoy it. In case you want a quieter plan, you can also take a sailboat ride.

Weather - The average temperature is 26ºC, although between April and November it can reach 32ºC. The lowest temperature that occurs in winter is 20ºC.


This place is lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a perfect place to go unnoticed enjoying all that the island offers. The most outstanding:

  • Romantic beaches: a set of white sand beaches welcomes you. Visit Morne Brabant, Mont Choisy, Belle Mare or Tamarin, are the most attractive places.
  • Garden and spices: In Por Louis (capital) you will find a market with thousands of spices and a very characteristic sugar. You can also visit the Pamplemousses garden that contains almost 700 plant species.

There are other interesting places such as the Chamarel waterfall, tamarin, and the Grand Bassin, the sacred lake where a large temple is located.


Located northwest of Tahiti, this famous island has earned the name of the "pearl of the Pacific." According to experts, the lagoon is the most beautiful in the world. Here you can find empty beaches of crystal clear and turquoise waters, volcanic calderas, coral islets and views that you will not get tired of seeing.

  • La Laguna: the most recommended, you have activities of all kinds:
  • Sail it by canoe, rent a boat or a catamaran
  • Snorkel
  • Feed sharks and rays
  • Eat on an empty island
  • Rent a jet-ski or jet ski

Capital: Vaitape is the capital and has brutal viewpoints to see the entire lagoon and the mountain. It offers walks on beaches, crafts of the area, access to the sacred places and all the natural paradise that hides the island, Bora Bora.

There are other very interesting activities such as renting a jeep and getting lost on the island, diving in the Aquarium, hiking in Paihia, climbing to ottoman or a romantic moment in a catamaran watching the sunset. This trip is usually expensive, so I recommend you save on your wedding dress and invest it here 🙂


A set of more than 1190 coral islands forms this paradise located in the Indian Ocean. It is the smallest country in all of Asia and also the one with less altitude. Since you arrive, they explain several rules that you will love, no news or wearing shoes.

  • Hydroplane or boat: this will be your means of transport to move to your “hotel - island”. You can hire mini flights to see all the islands up close. Choosing an island is not a priority, anyone is perfect, although the most visited are Kandholhu, Fuamulaku, Diffushi and Reethi Raat.
  • Unique experiences: yes, these islands offer you experiences that you may not live anywhere else. Imagine eating inside or under the sea, yes, the table on the water or inside an underwater restaurant. The sunsets are brutal and the variety of water sports too. Bathing in the sea at night is amazing, you will see how the water is illuminated thanks to bioluminescent organisms (light emitters).
  • Desert island: if you ever dreamed of spending a few hours on a desert island this is the perfect occasion, hire a guide and leave you a few hours on an uninhabited island.


The truth is that each place has a special charm, so it is best to compare interests and tastes to opt for new places to discover.

Many couples choose destinations simply because of the amount of tourism or recommendations of friends, but we think that combining adventure and relaxation is a good idea to have the maximum number of experiences. Of course, it is important to review the tourist package contracted, culture of the country, customs, vaccines, travel insurance, etc.