Canyoning Bohinj, for those who are into water sports

Canyoning Bohinj is an experience that everyone will enjoy, from adrenaline junkies, to romantics that can let their imagination run wild during a trip through the unspoilt nature of Triglav National Park. Canyoning Bohinj with Altitude activities is one of the best adventure where you get a taste for clean alpine water, and at the same time, you do not have to drive far. Namely, only a couple of minutes away from Altitudes Activities’ main office, there is a different world waiting for you. Canyoning Bohinj, away from crowds of tourists, away from loudness of the city, where the only sounds you can hear are sounds of the river flowing down its riverbed. And occasionally, we will meet some of the lovely residents of this area, like beautifully coloured frogs and salamanders.

And what a riverbed it is

Canyoning Bohinj gets you to experience some of the most exciting and adventurous riverbeds you will ever get the chance to see. You follow down the river flow, slide along natural rocky slides, dive into refreshing crystal clear basins, and jump of high cliffs. During canyoning Bohinj, we feel like small kids again, enjoying an aqua park experience and getting completely soaked. It is a great adrenaline rush.

Come and join us at canyoning Bohinj

Canyoning Bohinj with Altitude Activities will offer you an experience you will never forget. And our guides will take photos of canyoning Bohinj along the way, so that you will be able to brag to you friends once you get back home.
Canyoning trips that we offer are suitable for all levels, some for the whole family, and some for experienced canyoning enthusiasts. Canyoning Bohinj will not disappoint you.
Put your gear on and jump into pure alpine water with us!