Weekend Journeys From Delhi

Weekend getaways from Delhi typically include Nainital, Shimla, Agra etc, however, there are lots of lesser unknown and offbeat locations where lead to equally good otherwise better journeys.

Dundlod :- Located around 250 km from Delhi, the city is known due to its historic structures, specially the Dundlod Fort that's unique due to its fusion of Rajput and Mughal architecture. Close to the Dundlod Fort could be the Chattri of Ram Dutt Goenka - a dome with floral patterns that illustrate the dancing Krishna. Individuals to Dundlod might also glimpse the fine mirror work and also have a safari round the famous Marwari number of horses. A good time to visit Dundlod is through the winter since the area encounters scorching summers and monsoons.

Galta :- A 260 km from Delhi, past the Sisodia Rani-ka Bagh on Agra Road lies the quaint capital of scotland- Galta. The primary attraction this really is really the Galtaji temple around the banks from the natural spring. This beautiful temple is sculpted from pink gemstones which is centered on the sun's sun rays God. The insides in the structure resembles a haveli instead of a temple at some time of your energy, it absolutely was the primary pilgrimage spot for Vaishanavites. A dip in the year close to the temple is mentioned to cleanse the person of his/her sins. A good time to visit Galta is during the start of the winter months (September - October).

Pangot :- An attractive hill town located around 13 km from Nainital, Pangot is really a well-loved summer time time getaway fro Delhiites. The location is popular throughout the year as several vacationers converge to witness the snowfall through the winters. Pangot is really a well-loved birdwatching place and many 150 different species visit the region every year. Trekking enthusiasts might take the road from Naina Peak to Pangot. Visitors can stroll among the meadows gorging on piping hot samosas and washing it lower with tasty chai within the several street stalls.

Hansi :- Legend has it that Hansi once housed a sword manufacturing company of Pritviraj Chauhan. Todays town does not have structure much like a sword factory but there are lots of forts, mosques, shrines and tombs spread all around the city. History buffs visit the town capture a look in the Barsi Gate near to the bazaar that was built by Alauddin Khilji as well as the Asigarh Fort. Hansi can be found a long way away of 167 km from Delhi and is showed up at either by road or rail. A good time to visit the town originates from October to May.

Mansa :- The primary attraction of Mansa could be the Mansa Fair that's held during March-April. Additionally towards the fair, it's a pretty big city with vast stretches of greenery and dotted with several gurudwaras. Visitors can lounge with the Ghagar river after which possess a relaxing stay at the Jagat Resort.