6 Best places (must to do things) to go in Perisher Valley

The Snowy mountains located in the New South Wales, Australia, Perisher Valley is major tourist attraction place, especially in the winter season. Thousands of people come here every year. While the population of this place is not very high, the number of guests, and accommodations increase it substantially during the peak time. In this post, we will list out five important places to go in Perisher Valley. Stay Tuned!

  1. Perisher Blue Ski Resort: - With four adjacent ski areas, the perisher Blue Ski Resort is the largest one in Australia. There is no dearth of Mountain peaks, and lifts. The skiable area is nearly 1250 hectares. And the lift capacity has notched upto more than 55000 skiers per hour. If you are concerned about the dining options, rest assured that you will find plenty of wine and dine options here. Bars and Boutiques have stunning atmospheres at the night time. For Ski Information for Perishers, you can contact SkiersPlanet.
  2. NPWS MSU Admin & Visitor Centre: - The NPWS MSU is the perfect place to acquire relevant information about the Perisher Valley. You will plenty of similar vacationing people and the staff have a reputation there to be truly wonderful.
  3. Catholic Church: - If you are a Christian, what would be nicer to visit the Perisher Valley then to have a Catholic church on the way? Great views from around the church will give you a surreal feeling. Not to forget the icy cones formation of the drain lines, which are appealing to look at.
  4. Charlotte Pass Guest Services Office: - Located in the Perisher Valley Skitube Terminal, the Charlotte Pass Guest Services Office is located at the ground floor of the terminal building. As far as booking is concerned, we highly recommend you to book it in advance
  5. Smiggin Holes Ski Resort: - With excellent terrains, this ski resort offers plenty for both families, solo and couple. The weather stays pleasant (a bit cold) throughout the year and provides an easy access to the Perisher Valley.
  1. Wine and Dine at Crackenback Farm: - If you prefer to taste the seasonal takes, Crackenback farm is your best bet. The farm is bit rustic and gives the vibe of a rural place. They also provide accommodations at affordable prices. Needless to say, but their services have been really exceptional and they have garnered several reviews online from vacationers. The Gerst's goat's cheese salad with roasted beets is quite a specialty of this place.

Best time to visit Perisher Valley

If you have been thinking about the best time of the year to visit Perisher Valley, somewhere around December and January should be fine for families with kids. The temperature is slightly warm around January and February.

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